Problem Solvers - Bursting with Scores of hard to come by maintenance tips! That Magic Ingredient  The MUST have for every DIY enthusiast!  Probably The Most Amazing Property Maintenance Product Ever Found In A Can! 74 Little Known Secret Solutions To Your Most Costly, Frustrating Home Painting & Maintenance Headaches
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    Vintage & Classic Restoration

    Rust is one of the biggest nightmares we have to contend with when restoring old tractors, cards, machinery etc

    Wood Care - Taking Care Of Your Wood

    Here we have a series of articles to help you care for Wood, from cleaning and restoring.

    Painting & Decorating - Tips & Tricks

    Painting and decorating is enjoyable for the most part, but when things go wrong...

    Maintaining Masonry, Stone, Plasterwork

    This section contains several articles dealing with maintenance of stone, masonry, plasterwork

    Problem Solvers Latest Edition

    Welcome to our latest edition of Problem Solvers. We have added many more new ideas and tips on how to keep your home or property in good condition with the least amount of hard work and cost.

    You will find it segregated it into ‘quick find’ sections such as Wood, Steel, Masonry / Stone, Fibreglass / Plastics, Aluminium & uPVC , Hobbies / Enthusiasts. Also included is our special feature on the latest low cost paint-on insulation and mould solutions.

    As in our previous editions, you will discover simple, cost effective solutions to many irritating property maintenance problems. Problems that you may have a hard time finding answers to elsewhere and this will enable you make an informed choice on how to approach various projects.

    Problem Solvers is sponsored by Igoe International Ltd, (Estd.1978) Irish based distributors of specialist painting and maintenance products.

    Information provided in this publication is based on over 17 years of ongoing interaction & valuable feedback from hundreds of the country’s top maintenance companies, painter / decorators, specialist building companies and most importantly from thousands of home owners who regularly use our products.

    Products mentioned in Problem Solvers are usually available at a store near you throughout Ireland and N Ireland and if not, are available on-line from

    For additional information on any of the products / methods mentioned, please call our information lines Republic of Ireland (01) 830 22 50. From Outside Republic of Ireland please dial + 353 1 830 22 50. Alternatively, email (Website

    How do I?

    Over the coming weeks we will have a whole host of interesting articles on how to clean, repair, make your house warmer etc.

    74 Little Known Secret Solutions

    Problem Solved…Now You Can
    Arm Yourself With The Correct Answers.

    Call on our 19 years direct experience working and dealing with top professional painting contractors, architects, specifiers, engineers, roofers, interior designers & other construction professionals finding solutions to a host of difficult home & property painting / maintenance problems that crop up regularly using several little known but amazing, proven products not yet seen or discovered by the average home owner / DIY’er.

    We have put together our “74 Best Of” collection of typical questions people like you have asked us on a regular basis and the reliable, easy to follow, simple answers to same…. Discover

    DIY Nightmares From Hell

    You‟ve discovered some nagging (DIY!!!) problem or other at home that needs fixing and you pop down to the local Hardware, DIY or Paint Store where you ask… “What would you suggest or recommend to stop the paint peeling off my walls, freshen up my ugly faded deck, refurbish my rusty railings, prevent black mould on my walls, my flat roof needs attention or whatever”

    Smiling back nervously, and with a definite touch of„ ‘I wish you didn’t ask ME that’ s/he
    (assistant) politely replies…..

    “Hmmmmm, that’s a new one on me…I don’t really know which product will work best for you, but you could take a look down there on the third aisle, second shelf down beside the thinners… you might find something suitable there!!”
    Or, in other words… one of those “Leave me alone because I don’t know” answers… Sound familiar?
    To be fair, people in those jobs & most broad range stores are asked thousands of different questions, so it is impossible for them to know all the answers… who tells them?
    Your questions need answers only a specialist in those matters can provide.

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