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    Log cabin with the grey look

    Some people like to leave their log cabin, decking etc to go grey naturally – just like on the old cowboy movies. That’s fine if you live in Arizona or New Mexico but over here exposed wood will become saturated with water and will be ruined in no time at all. One solution is Seasonite. Apply a coat every other year and that wood will become grey naturally BUT at the same time it will not be taking in water.

    Another recently introduced option is to oil the wood with a semi transparent deep penetrating oil called Textrol Aged Grey. This is applied after the wood has weathered or has gone through the Seasonite process.

    For best results, if you prefer to run with the Textrol option, irrespective of whether the wood has greyed naturally (without Seasonite) or over a period of time with the help of Seasonite, the greyed wood should be cleaned with Net-Trol, and when dried out, the wood will look more or less like it did on day one. When dry, apply two coats of Textrol Aged Grey for a beautiful well oiled, fully protected finish.

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