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    Prepdeck removes decking oil

    Removal of previously oiled / stained decking oils.

    If your decking, or other wood has been oiled and is now peeling or ugly, with rare exceptions, you can strip those remaining coatings ‘back to the bone’ with Prepdeck a product especially made for that job.

    Take the decking steps in the picture… previous coating was still present & in good condition although a bit faded. No peeling. Prepdeck was used to strip the coating from the wood bringing back the original wood again.

    Note: After stripping off old decking oil with Prepdeck, you must neutralise the wood surface with Net-Trol diluted by 4 parts water. (this gets the 'taste' of the Prepdeck out of the wood and avoids a reaction with any subsequent oils such as Textrol)

    Note: A minority of decks have been painted with stains / coatings that are more stubborn to remove and Prepdeck may not work in that case. In that event, there is an even stronger yet Eco friendly stripper called Dilunet which usually takes care of the tougher stains, paints etc. 

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