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    How to Restore Wooden Window Sashes, Fascia Boards Damaged by Water / Moisture.

    Bottom wooden window sashes can become soggy and wet from condensation inside and lack of putty, paint etc outside and the wood will normally require replacement or serious surgery to restore them. Outside, exposed wood such as fascia boards can take a severe beating from the elements resulting in a similar problem.

    Here’s a simple way to save those sashes etc and prolong their life for decades.

    Sand or scrape off any remaining paint or varnish.

    Using a paint brush, apply several coats of Owatrol oil to the wood over the course of a day until it takes no more... this action will drive out all remaining moisture from inside the wood. Any sections that have deteriorated extensively can be gouged out with a chisel or even a screwdriver, and filled with an appropriate wood filler. When filler dry, sand as required. Apply undercoat with about 33% Owatrol Oil mixed in to get maximum penetration. Finish off with an oil based paint of your choice with about 15% Owatrol Oil added in for perfect flow and a brush mark free finish.



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