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    This image of overlapping steel demonstrates how Owatrol gets in deep and drives out all moisture and oxygen.

    How To Stop Rust.   

    Rust is a naturally occurring, albeit an annoying affair to deal with when you are left with the task of maintaining your home or property.

    The general consensus is that no matter what you do try to stop rust, you are fighting a losing battle, and in general terms, as you know, that is not too far from the truth.

    The best you can realisticly hope for is to find a way that extends the maintenance cycle and postpone this reoccurrence for as long as possible between treatments or paint jobs.

    So what are your options?

    Traditionally, most people head for the back shed and grab the wire brush and scraper & maybe a hammer for the more stubborn lumps. These implements are usually accompanied by a big dose of sweat and blisters and maybe the odd rust chip in your eye for good measure!  Other options commonly chosen are a metal primer, and usually a coat or two of gloss to finish. I smile to myself when I see ads on TV or elsewhere for miracle products that go right over the rust and it’s gone – all by magic!

    How does Owatrol Oil work on rust?

    Before I elaborate on that, I would like to comment on the real problem here. When you understand the problem, you are half way to the solution. Unprotected metal / steel oxidises (gets rusty) naturally, that is the way of things. That happens when moisture and oxygen collects on the metal surface, which can range from open flat sections which dry off fast or hidden nooks and crannies where the real fun begins because they cannot dry out and the ‘rust eating’ process begins and continues on from there.

    When steel, for example a (rust free) steel gate is painted, the paint film keeps the moisture and air / oxygen away from the steel thereby stopping rust from developing there. The problem occurs when, due to expansion and contraction (hot / cold), gate banging, scratches etc, little pinholes appear on the paint surface and allow the ‘food’ to make its way in. That’s when the rusting process begins. This process is continuous and ongoing.

    So, how does Owatrol Oil Work? SEE PHOTO OF 3 OVERLAPPING STEEL SECTIONS ABOVE... Owatrol applied at A soaks down in between the sections, emerging out at the nut point B and then travels on downward to finally emerge at point C. That action literally drives out all moisture and oxygen... see below.

    Owatrol Oil is said to be about three times ‘wetter’ that water. Therefore, when applied to rusted steel, this unique oil penetrates and soaks into and through the rust pores making its way all the way back to the ‘good steel’ in at the back, and while so doing, literally forces out all the hidden moisture and oxygen which together work as ‘rust food’. This oil, believe it or not, was discovered as far back as 1935, so we cannot describe it as ‘new’ anyway, Owatrol, unlike ALL other rust treatments deals with the root cause of the rust – moisture and air / oxygen by driving both OUT of the metal irrespective of how deep they are located in the steel such as joints etc.

    Next, after the 'rust food' has been driven out – the Owatrol Oil dries inside the pores of the rust into a clear flexible film that prevents the offenders from getting back in for a very long time indeed.

    Then you leave the 'Owatrolled' steel surface to dry for a day or two or a week, month, whatever – no need to rush back because the rust is now protected by the Owatrol Oil. You can then apply an oil based metal primer and a coat or two of gloss paint to finish and add Owatrol Oil into both of those to make your primer / paint get into the tight spots etc and help with the finish. Owatrol Oil also adds elasticity to the paint film which helps it cope with that expansion and contraction mentioned earlier, thus adding even longer life to the paint.

    When top pro contractors want to stop rust, they use Owatrol Oil.
    Yes, Owatrol Oil is well and truly proven to outlast any other known rust remover, rust treatment or rust cure because it is the only product that works on the root cause of the rust. All the others, as you probably have found out for yourself already, either camouflage the problem or hide it in some way or for a short while until it bursts out again as it does. Done properly, you can expect five years or more before your steel needs recoating when you use Owatrol Oil. Try it and see for yourself.

    More Information on How to Stop Rust.

    If you would like more detailed information please request out Free Report, Rust – The Intelligent Solution available by email. Contains some of the above but with a lot more How-To detail and is a good read. (Even if I may say so myself!)

    Tip: A good idea, before you grab the wire brush is to simply apply / saturate the rusted steel with Owatrol oil using a paint brush etc. Leave it for an hour or two to soak in and then you will find that you can scrape off all the loosened rust with no effort at all. NO need for a wire brush or blisters. Any tight rust should be left alone.

    Whether you are into restoring vintage tractors, your rusted front gate, city park steel railings, remove car rust, remove rust from cast iron - you will not find a better solution than Owatrol Oil. Once you try it and see the results for yourself, you will never look for any other rust product again.

    Order Owatrol Oil Now and say good bye to your rust problems. 


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