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    A 1947 Marshall After The Owatrol Treatment

    Dealing With Rust:
    As you know, rust is one of the biggest problems one comes across in vehicle or machine restoration of any kind. If you have not already been let in on the secret by someone in the local club, check out the following two rust solutions made by Owatrol. Try them on the worst pieces of rust you can find and see for yourself what they are all talking about!

    There are two main products for stopping rust on your vintage tractor or machinery… Owatrol Oil and Owatrol CIP.
    Owatrol Oil is for severe rust treatment, can be painted over directly with any oil based paint, or, left as is for a natural rusted look (see 1947 Marshall Tractor photo sent in by Paddy Egan) but with the rusting action stopped. More below..

    Owatrol CIP, very penetrating like its sister Owatrol Oil is excellent on less severe rust or on new steel as a primer and can be overpainted by any kind of paint from cellulose, two packs, water based etc. CIP is also used as a barrier coat on top of Owatrol Oil when non-oil based paint finishes are required following initial heavy rust treatment by the Owatrol Oil itself. More below..

    Owatrol Oil is different from all other rust treatments in that it addresses the core cause of rust… moisture and oxygen attacking exposed metal. A stone chip or scratch on the paintwork is enough to start the rusting process.  Moisture and oxygen get in through the exposed break in the protective paint finish and makes their way in, eating the metal and spreading to surrounding areas as time goes by.

    The principal of the Owatrol treatment is that it is an extremely thin liquid (said to be three times wetter than water) with massive penetrating power, so it creeps into nooks and crannies that even water cannot reach. It penetrates through the rust pores all the way in to the good steel at the back, and while so doing, collects and pushes out all traces of trapped moisture and oxygen and takes their place. Over a 12 hours period, this OIL dries into a clear but flexible membrane which prevents the return of the troublemakers… moisture and oxygen. Left as is, without over painting, Owatrol will stop rust for years (indoor) but not quite as long outdoor because the UV / exposure will gradually breakdown the exposed, dried oil membrane. If you want that natural rusted look, all you need do is top it up with a fresh coat of Owatrol when it shows signs of dulling. The best method is… fix the rust first with the Owatrol and then protect the treated surface with an oil based paint of your choice. (If you want to use two packs etc, see CIP.)

    Many vintage enthusiasts use oil based paint on the entire tractor etc and get excellent results. Another important aspect of this method is if you add about 10% or so Owatrol into the oil based paint, it will make that paint flow out with no brush marks, just like a spray gun finish. Another option is to use a low cost oil paint with Owatrol oil in it on all out of sight areas, underneath, floor pans, door sills etc and use two packs etc on all the high visibility areas. In those situations, you need to apply a barrier coat of Owatrol CIP over the Owatrol oil to prevent any reaction with the two pack paint.

    Owatrol CIP is an ideal rust treatment and primer combined for dealing with less severe or tight rust or as a first coat primer on new steel. (following de-greasing)

    Similar to, but not as penetrating as Owatrol oil, CIP is very thin and it is very good at getting into all nooks and crannies and like Owatrol Oil.

    CIP is very versatile because it will accept any kind of top coat(s) from two packs, cellulose, oil, water based etc. Very easy to use. High temperature resistance – up to 175 C. Does away with the need for sand blasting, works directly on the rust.
    With the C.I.P. sand or shot-blasted surfaces, if you need to do that, the steel does not require immediate priming; you can apply the CIP directly over the light rust and it will not affect its performance or the final result.  

    If you are restoring a machine with severe rust, we recommend using the Owatrol Oil first (see above) and if you want to finish with anything other than oil based paint, apply a coat of CIP over the Owatrol Oil (after it dries) which acts as a barrier coat and prevents any reaction between the different coatings etc.

    Looking For A Nice Silvery Paint Finish?

    Silver / Aluminium Paint.

    If you are looking for a nice silver or aluminium coloured paint for trailer wheels, tractor wheels, trailers, exhaust pipes, chassis, engine parts etc check out the Owatrol Aluminium RA85.

    RA85 is based on Owatrol oil but is heavily pigmented with aluminium. Like Owatrol CIP, it can be applied to slightly rusted steel directly. RA85 sticks to virtually any surface, steel, plastics, wood, whatever and will not peel off. High temperature resistance – up to 175 C.

    Seized Up Nuts, Bolts, Brake Callipers, Cylinder Heads?

    How often have you sheared off a nut, broken a hard to find part etc because you could not get it loosened enough? Maddening isn’t it!!

    Good news: Although not as well-known here as other big name loosening oils, TRANSYL as it known, (made by Owatrol which tells you something about its pedigree) is making a name for itself among more and more vintage enthusiasts.

    This is an oil with exceptional wetting and penetrating qualities, capable of the deepest penetration in any direction, freeing and loosening even the tightest seized up parts you come across.

    They say if TRANSYL does not open it, you have a serious problem.

    In addition, unlike many of the commonly available spray oils, TRANSYL oil does not harm any seals, other metals or paint finishes. It does not contain silicone and is spray shop friendly.

    Transyl also works as a cleaning agent and a lubricant and does not leave a sticky scum on the parts oiled.

    Try out Transyl and I promise you won’t be disappointed… in fact I doubt if you will ever use any other spray oil ever again!


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