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    New Painting Tip Shows You How To Make Your Wood Look Great With a Finish That Will Outlast All Others – Guaranteed!

    Have you ever felt frustrated at the lack of finishes, colours etc for your fencing, garden walls, garden shed? Generally speaking, your options are limited to a handful of possibilities, usually with a wood tone look, and do they last?

    Discover a better way to widen your colour options and cut your maintenance bills and workload at the same time!

    Introducing E-B, the amazing stir-in bonding primer. It makes any water based paint (interior or exterior) stick like glue to virtually any porous surface… even wood.

    That means, if you want to paint your garden shed, fence, decking spindles or even your terracotta pots blue, brown, cream or whatever, all you need to do is choose a masonry paint, yes exterior grade ‘masonry paint’ that is normally sold for concrete walls etc, and stir in some E-B. Now you can use masonry paint on wood! When the masonry paint has E-B in it, it stays wherever you apply it, no peel, no flake, and, this will really get your attention… it lasts for yonks!

    Here’s all you need to do. Mix 1 litre of EB to 2 litres of any exterior masonry paint, any colour and apply that as the first coat only. In many cases that one coat will suffice but if you want additional coverage, add a second coat of the same paint but this time without the E-B. You could mix it 1 E-B to 1 paint if you want a seriously strong mix / grip.

    Spruce up that fencing!

    You may have a wooden fencing, shed, etc and you are sick and tired of the annual drudgery of recoating them with short lived, basic colour finishes?

    Here are more examples of what you can do with E-B and any good quality Masonry Paint.

    You can choose from thousands of colours and you can expect that finish to outlast anything else on the market by a long shot.

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