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    Deep Penetrating & Colourless… Owl DUCKY

    Owl DUCKY (previously known as Diasen BKK) stops water ingress which causes efflorescence on bricks. This happens because rain water soaks into the bricks and when it evaporates later as moisture it pulls out various salts which leave unsightly blotches.

    Brush off remaining efflorescence as best you can, some may remain but that will go eventually. Apply two coats of DUCKY to prevent further water ingress WATERPROOFS NATURAL LOOKING STONE Picture on right (Photo B) shows a lovely stone wall that has ugly rust streaks running down, caused by rusting of iron oxide particles in the stone itself. 

    If you apply DUCKY on to the stone before such problems develop from wind driven rain etc, you will prevent it happening in the first place. Where mortar is used, it waterproofs that also.

    NOTE: Where this problem has already occurred, (as in photo B) a good solution is to wash the rust streaks off with Net-Trol (an Owatrol product – takes about 15 minutes) and when wall drys out again, apply two coats of Owatrol Oil (within a one hour period) over the entire wall. The Owatrol will soak in deep and seal the areas where the rust is happening thereby preventing a reoccurrence for many years to come. 

    May need a repeat of this treatment after several years. Same idea solves rusting corner beads in external render work. 

    Pebble dash (Photo A) because of its lumpy nature can attract and hold lots of water which sometimes soaks through to the inside.

    Assuming you want to retain the natural look of the wall, get it clean first with a good power wash. If there are dirty red algae streaks all over it, we recommend treating the wall first with ATM007 Moss & Algae Remover (See page 5) and later waterproofing with DUCKY. NOTE: IF you plan to paint such walls with masonry paint, do so before treating it with DUCKY.

    Insulation TIP - Improves Your Home Insulation

    Igoe Heat In a Can Insulating Paint is available in white matt finish only. If you are happy with white as your room finish, apply two coats on walls and ceilings and job done. If you want a white ceiling and Magnolia walls for instance, use the Insulating paint as your base coats and add Thermilate Insulating paint additive into your Magnolia. This gives you the best of all options. Note: To ensure grip, new skim coat, or walls with history of peeling paint should be first coated with a coat of EB & emulsion mixed 3 parts emulsion to 1 part EB.

    Remember, you can add Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive to ANY paint. EXAMPLE: if you have a cold steel handrail, paint it with a gloss of your choice +/- Owatrol Oil with the Thermilate Insulating additive mixed in. That will take the cold ‘sting’ from the handrail and ease the discomfort, especially in cold weather. Similar idea for inside of steel hulled boat, caravan, mobile homes, inside steel roofs etc.

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