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    Concrete Driveway Transformation – for Less Than e100!*

    MARJORIE lives in Dublin and her front driveway had become drab. The imprinted design finish / colour had all but disappeared and various areas of it now had algae, moss, weeds etc.

    She wanted to freshen it up but she was very concerned about disreputable contractors who make all kinds of claims and don’t deliver etc. She wanted whatever was done to be done properly and stay that way for a reasonable length of time. Having checked around, Marjorie contacted Igoe International the DIY specialist product distributors and they suggested a simple, inexpensive way to get a great long lasting look with minimum work and cost. She bought a 5 litre can of specific brown oil based gloss paint and two litres of Owatrol Oil.

    Here’s how it was done… First, a power washer was used to remove all peeling bits as well as any lichens, moss etc that was present. Next a strong weed killer was used to kill any traces of moss etc. In a couple of days, the surface was rinsed off again using the power washer.

    When the surface dried out, the entire area was vacuumed to remove any surface dust.

    Next, using a standard nylon bristle sweeping brush, a coat of the chosen brown gloss diluted with about 40% Owatrol oil was applied where it soaked into the raised pieces as well as the ‘joints’. Drive was blocked off to prevent traffic etc. (The fact that the paint / colour soaked in ensures it will not peel off later) Next day, a second coat was applied, this time with about 20% Owatrol oil added in to increase the surface film thickness. It took 24 hours to dry. It was recommended to leave it about a week or so to cure. Weather must be fine and concrete dry before driving a car back on it.

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