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    Teak Table coated with Textrol

    Oiling Decking, Log Cabins, Cladding etc

    We regularly hear from home owners who have had less than satisfactory results with their previous decking oils etc. “It peeled off in no time at all” “It has peeled off most of the high traffic areas and is stuck in the grooves – what am I to do” “It only lasted about 6 months and it was back to square one” are all common complaints. To be fair, many people apply decking oils etc on to unprepared / unweathered wood and because it could / did not penetrate properly, peeling was a natural consequence..

    Remember the wood must be clean and dry before applying any coatings such as decking oil, natural or stain.

    If you want something that will last longer and have less maintenance cycles consider using Textrol, a first quality Owatrol product. Does not cost much more than regular oils but considering the fact that it will last up to three times longer than cheaper products, it works out a lot cheaper in the end because of fewer repeat purchases, not to mention all that work re-oiling year after year!

    This table in the photo was cleaned earlier with Net-trol. Here it is finished off with 2 coats of Textrol Clear applied wet on wet.

    Textrol is a deep penetrating, non-peel, anti-UV oil (decking oil) that comes in four possibilities. Textrol also contains a fungicide with helps it resist algae, the primary cause of slippery decks. 

    Textrol Clear: The nearest you will get to the ‘colour of rain’ on wood regardless of which type of wood it is.

    Textrol Golden Oak: Is a little darker, highly recommended for all Cedar and pines.
    As it lasts longer than Textrol clear, go for Golden Oak if you want to stretch your money further and reduce the work. (The darker the shade – the longer it lasts against UV damage) Golden Oak will lighten up a bit after one season’s exposure.

    Textrol Rustic Oak: Darker again, looks a bit ‘teaky’ and is very durable and is the longest lasting of the three Textrol’s.

    Textrol Grey: This is the newest addition to the range. It is intended where you like that grey look on the wood and because Textrol protects from the inside, you can be sure of a long lasting finish.


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