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    Floor Paint Possibilities With Owatrol

    How To Paint Your Wooden Floor Any Colour

    If you want to make your wooden floor to really stand out from the crowd, paint it with any colour of the rainbow. Here’s how.

    For best results, sand the floor to remove all previous floor coatings.

    Option A
    You can paint the floor with any household emulsion / any colour by mixing it with E-B. Mix 1 part E-B to 2 parts Emulsion – first coat only. In most cases you will have the job done but if you require another coat of paint to get a good finish, apply it without the E-B. When dry, you can apply a coat of any clear floor varvish to give it depth and make it easy to wash.

    Option B:
    You can use any colour oil based paint, (gloss, satin, matt etc) mixed with Owatrol Oil (about 1 part Owatrol Oil to 1 part paint ) which makes the paint soak down into the wood for a tough, non peel finish. (Objective here is to get the paint to soak into the wood so add enough Owatrol oil to get the required penetration. If you so choose, you could apply a second coat after 24 hours but this time you will not need as much Owatrol oil – say about 20% or even less if you want extra paint film.

    Unlike Option A, this will not require a clear coat as this finish will be washable.

    Option C:
    Varnished floors can easily be painted without sanding. Here’s how… Wash properly and allow to dry. Using a clean, lint-free cloth apply a coat of ESP and allow a few hours to dry / cure. We suggest you follow Option B above from there on for a tough, long lasting finish of whatever colour you desire. Allow the paint a few days to dry and a week to harden.

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