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    Garden Furniture Care The Lazy Way

    Here is a completely new way to transform your old garden table and chairs into ‘out of the box new’ looking again with minimal work, very low cost and it will last for years and years without peeling off.

    This expensive high quality teak garden set was left out in a very exposed area beside the sea where it received a very hard time including two very severe winters. It had become badly weathered and its owner was considering replacing them.A call to our help line resulted in another possibility thatmeant he could keep the furniture and give it an entirelynewlook that cut downmaintenance and hard work at the same time.

    Here’s how it was done…
    When wood was fully dry, each piece was sanded to get rid of most of the greyed skin etc. Next, amixture ofOwatrol and an oil based gloss paint was applied like a stain. This mix was aprox 50:50 (Owatrol Oil / Paint) for the first coat which causes the paint to soak deep into thewood thereby preventing peeling later on. Next day, a second coat of the same paint was applied but this timewith only about 25%of Owatrol Oil mixed in. The second coat builds up the paint film thickness for a lasting finish.

    Job done!
    This remarkable transformation cost less than €100 in materials and that furniturewill probably not need any maintenance apart froma wash for at least 5 years and possibly double that with a slight touch up using a similarmethod later as needed.


    ATM007 is a New Owatrol Solution for Moss, Algae, Lichen, etc.

    ATM007 was introduced to Ireland in 2014. We phoned a number of people who purchased and used it to get their opinions before we rolled it out nation-wide.

    We’re happy to report that apart from only one man (who power washed off & shouldn’t have) every single customer we spoke with was delighted with the results.

    Mrs Murphy from Co Limerick said “We have a gable end facing the main Kerry – Limerick road and it was embarrassing it was so bad with horrible reddish coloured algae. I tried several other solutions and none of them worked, I took a chance on the ATM007 because I used other Owatrol products before so I figured it must be good.

    It did a superb job, exceeded my expectations. Friends and neighbours have been asking what I used & I had no hesitation recommending the product”

    It kills Moss, lichens, bacteria, water borne air pollution, hydrocarbon residues.

    WHERE TO USE: For walls, roofs, tarmac, foot paths, drive ways, balconies, floors, stair cases, terraces, headstones, pottery, tennis courts etc. Works on stone, brick, slate, roof tiles, shingles, concrete, fibre cement, asbestos and so on.

    COVERAGE: As solution – anywhere from neat to diluted by up to 9 parts water. PREVENTATIVE – diluted by up to 19 parts water.

    To order, or for details of your nearest stockist, please call (R.O.I.) (01) 830 22 50 From (N Irl) 00 353 1 830 22 50

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