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    15 Ways IGOE Heat in Can Insulating Paint Can Benefit You
    • (1) The insulating properties within the Igoe insulating paint Paint forms a thermal barrier reflecting heat back into your room / building, considerably reducing heat loss. 
    • (2) It helps increase room temperature, even as much as 3 degrees with the same heating settings. 
    • (3) Keeps the room warmer for longer when heating is switched off. 
    • (4) You can switch your heating off up to one full hour earlier without any loss of comfort. (that’s how it cuts heating bills & saves energy) 
    • (5) IGOE Insulating Paint also allows the walls to breath. The incredible combination of the breathability of the paint along with the heat reflecting properties also helps to dramatically reduce condensation problems, if not eliminate them completely. 
    • (6) Because it reduces, and in most cases eliminates condensation (appears as damp areas on the wall) it prevents ugly & toxic mould growth. 
    • (7) Superb on ceilings & walls of older flat roof extensions, converted garage etc. 
    • (8) Makes a huge difference to room temperature and comfort level in any older home, from detached cottages, period houses, farm houses, mass concrete apartments to terraced or semi detached council houses. Note: It improves any home’s energy rating, new / old. 
    • (9) Drier, cosier bedrooms make for a better night’s sleep. 
    • (10) Less energy oil / gas etc burned means less destruction to our environment. 
    • (11) High quality paint, superior texture and finish, easy to apply, with minimal environmental impact, due to its very low VOC level. 
    • (12) Can be painted over with any brand or colour emulsion paint. 
    • (13) Can be wallpapered over or visa versa.
    • (14) Excellent in flats where tenants tend to ‘dry out’ their washing on the rads!! 
    • (15) Last but not least... Low Cost. It pays for itself fast out of heating bill savings. IGOE Insulating Paint is the Lowest Cost Home Insulation you will find anywhere.

    Cavity block insulation: the myth...

    Not many people realise that a substantial proportion of any cavity block wall is solid concrete which cannot be pumped with insulation.

    The only real insulation options are either the expensive external insulation or internal dry lining up to 75 or even 100mm. Insulating Plaster (Ext/Int) is now also gaining in popularity as thinner coat minimises structural / aesthetics of the building.

    IGOE Insulating Paint is available in white matt. Can be used a finish (if you like white) or use it as an undercoat.

    You can paint over it with any colour or brand of water based paint you choose.

    Having your home Dry Lined?

    If you are having dry lining insulation fitted in your home, what better idea when it comes to the painting or papering than to apply a couple of coats of IGOE Heat In a Can Insulating Paint to boost the insulation values even further.

    You are going to paint or paper in any event so it makes total sense to factor in money saving, heat retaining insulating paint as part of the paint job. Ordinary paint does absolutely nothing to reduce your expensive heat loss – IGOE Heat In a Can Insulating Paint does.

    IGOE Heat In a Can Insulating Paint is the only paint that pays for itself and puts money into your pocket from lower energy bills.


    IGOE Heat In a Can Insulating Paint allows walls to breathe and is perfect for old period homes, etc. It does not take from the character of your home - yet cuts heat loss.

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