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    Net-Trol works great cleaning stone wall, granite, sandstone, etc

    Net-Trol will not remove old paint and severely ingrained stains but it will remove ordinary water borne / pollution Removing Rust streaks from Stone, Concrete, Brick etc.

    This is an easy one… Wet the streaked area, apply some Net-trol. Leave 10 minutes and give it a light scrub. Leave for another 20 minutes or sooner if stains are gone and rinse off. Job done.

    TIP: Apply some Owatrol Oil to the source of the rust which might be a broken bolt, an old steel bracket etc. Owatrol Oil will seal the rust and prevent reappearance for some time.

    Paint the metal afterwards for best results and add some Owatrol to the paint also. Insert pic of rust streaks on wall centre second down from top and can of Net-trol.

    Repairing a damaged window sill

    Frost damaged concrete window sill, re-bar exposed etc easily restored with some Owatrol oil for the re-bar, plus some some sand & cement to rebuild the sill. Add Owatrol or E-B to subsequent oil or water based paint to finish.

    • 1. Remove any loose concrete sections
    • 2. Brush away any dust etc
    • 3. Apply Owatrol direct to rusted re-bar - stops rust (see also page 16)
    • 4. When Owatrol is dry, apply sand and cement mix and shape to match

    Roof Tile Restoration

    Important Note: This job should not be attempted unless you are competent doing such work and your safety must be of primary importance. Appropriate footwear should be worn. Roof should first be cleaned and all moss removed using a power washer. When dry, the roof can be painted using a good quality masonry paint mixed about 1 to 1 with E-B for first coat only. Dark colours hide very well but if tiles need an extra coat, apply a second coat of the same paint, but this time without E-B. We do not suggest this method on slates.

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