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    How Owatrol Oil Works on Rust

    In May 2012 Terry Wheatley of picturesque Dublin seaside village Dalkey Tidy Towns Committee had the task of refurbishing all their various street poles which had become rusted and pitted despite regular applications of the usual paints. 

    “Nothing previously stopped the poles from peeling and rusting,” he said. He asked Igoe International if they had a solutions and the problem was solved quickly and cost effectively using Owatrol Oil in conjunction with standard oil based paint. After 36 months (time of this publication going to press) Terry reported that “the poles look virtually the same now as the day they were done, we’re very happy with it”. The system (Owatrol Oil used with OIL based paint) is suitable for all metal surfaces, steel, cast iron, even cast aluminium.


    A big Thank You to John Kelly from Roscommon who passed on this very unusual 'story'. I was so impressed, I decided this story must be told - thanks again John. 

    John contacted us last year regarding a few maintenance related issues one of which related to an old listed house that had a badly corroded cast iron downpipe replaced with a plastic one due and John said that the plastic 'stood out' and the colour did not match the other pipes etc.

    I suggested a combination of ESP (to grip) & Owatrol Oil with an oilbased paint to change the colour, the standard solution for such things. 

    Anyway, time passed, I was curious how John got on as I had not heard back so I called him. 

    To my amazement, John had not only changed the colour of the pipe, he literally transformed it to look exactly like the cast iron pipes nearby.

    How Owatrol Oil Works on Rust

    What makes rust? Ordinary paint and primers "bridge" over the small imperfections found on any metal surface. Under this "bridge" air is trapped. 

    Air contains moisture and this mixture of oxygen and hydrogen forms iron-hydroxide i.e. rust. Take one of them away and you eliminate rust. Under a microscope rust looks like a sponge full of air. Owatrol, due to its low surface tension will penetrate all the way through this sponge driving out the air and moisture and completely saturate the rust right down to the unattacked iron or steel. 

    It has literally taken away the "food" rust needs to form and, by turning the existing rust into a protective coating, further rust formation is stopped and the paint is assured of 100% contact with the metal surface, the most important requirement for effective metal protection. 

    Owatrol Oil works and that's why it is used and recommended by people working in the roughest environment of all, the world's major shipping companies. 

    Use Owatrol on structural steel, cast and wrought iron, wire fences, cars, trucks and trailers, corrugated iron, garden tools, tanks and anything made from ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Owatrol Oil flows easily into crevices, welding seams, pipe joints and other areas that are hard to reach by brush, such as the inside of car doors. 

    When Owatrol was applied to this steel joint at point A, it penetrated between the surfaces of the joint to emerge at points B and C, protecting the joint against further oxidation. 

    Remember: If you can't reach it - you can't fix it. Owatrol Oil makes it easy to stop and prevent further rust

    This is how easy it is to use Owatrol. Just saturate the rusted surface with Owatrol until it has a shiny appearance. When dry, continue with any oil, alkyd based paint. The main thing to remember about treating rust is that if you can't reach all areas of all surfaces, you're ultimately wasting your time. 


    Light rust and new steel: 1 part primer, 2 parts Owatrol. Heavy rust:: Owatrol surface until it has a shiny appearance, wipe or brush away any excess ponding. There is no need to remove tightly bonded rust 

    Owatrol makes it easy to restore corroded brass or copper and bring back lustre to chrome & aluminium. Scrub surface with fine steel wool soaked with Owatrol to loosen corrosion and dirt. Wipe surface with a rag after 5 minutes, then polish with a soft cloth. 

    To remove rust stains from chrome scrub with fine steel wool and Owatrol. Then wipe chrome with a soft cloth to restore shine. The Owatrol will remain in the pits stopping further rusting.

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