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    Boat Trailers

    The well known, well travelled and now retired Royal Yacht Britannia has had some of its woodwork protected for many decades with DEKS OLJE D1 and D2 - primarily the handrails, seen here in various shots.

    Michael O’Boyle from Killybegs built this beautiful wooden boat using larch. The attention to detail was amazing. Michael chose Deks Olje D1 to finish it off in style. Michael was also heavily involved in the building of the well known Jeannie Johnston sailing ship and he used the Deks Olje on that also.

    BOAT TRAILERS have their own problems with rust and seized parts

    Below here you see a cross section of the typical corrosion problems.

    We offer a first class solution for this problem. Initially, if you want to do the best possible job, we suggest you power wash all the underneath thoroughly to get rid of any salt deposits that may be hidden in the various parts. Allow to dry. Then saturate thoroughly with Owatrol Oil. After a few hours the Owatrol will have soaked in to all areas, seen and unseen. Then, using a regular paint scraper or similar, descale the loosened rust. No need for tedious wire brushing etc. You will find this job to be very simple and will bring the steel back to a good surface you can take care of.

    You have a few options as regards the painting procedure. The easiest and most effective method is apply two coats of Owatrol Aluminium RA85, an extremely durable, flexible finish that will not peel or flake off.

    Another option when you have descaled and the Owatrol has dried is to apply an oil based primer followed by an oil based top coat. If you choose this option, you should mix in about 30% Owatrol Oil into the primer (for better spread and penetration) and about 10% Owatrol Oil into your top coat.

    Yet another option is to finish with two pack paints. If you choose this option, after the initial saturation and descaling with Owatrol Oil, you must apply a coat of Owatrol CIP which acts as a barrier between the Owatrol Oil and the Two pack primer / paints.

    Of all three options, the Owatrol Aluminium RA85 wins hands down in our opinion given its amazing properties.

    Note: If you are looking for the most powerful loosening oil / penetrating spray that was ever put into an aerosol tin check out Transyl. If Transyl does not open it…nothing will.

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