We offer a wide range of solutions for interior and exterior floors.. Freshen up the look of your floor today by adding some colour or anti-slip finish.

We offer a wide range of flooring systems for a wide range of uses. Solutions to freshen any floor in one coat or built-up liquid flooring systems including oil / water-based systems, epoxy and polyurethane base coats, anti-slip aggregates, decorative flakes and clear or coloured top coats.

- Industrial Floor Coatings: Tough and suitable for heavy traffic including forklifts etc

- Commercial or Domestic Coatings: stylish and functional.

- Low and High Build Anti Slip Resin Drive Way Systems

- Decks - Timber Oils, Sealers, stains and anti-slip.

- Quartz Flooring Systems

- Decorative Flake Flooring Systems


Contact us today for advice on your floor project on 01 830 22 50 or email info@igoe.ie