Problem Solvers - Bursting with Scores of hard to come by maintenance tips! That Magic Ingredient  The MUST have for every DIY enthusiast!  Probably The Most Amazing Property Maintenance Product Ever Found In A Can! 74 Little Known Secret Solutions To Your Most Costly, Frustrating Home Painting & Maintenance Headaches
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    One Of The Most Amazing Home / Property Maintenance Products Ever Put In A Can! ...
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    Can I paint a uPVC door and frame which has a grained wood effect?»
    Yes, assuming the grained effect is part of the original door finish and not painted on. If the ...
    I was hoping to change the colour of my uPVC windows and doors, but don’t know how to go about it?»
    You can paint those PVC windows and doors any colour you like thanks to a clever smooth ...
    I have foil wrapped kitchen doors. Is it possible to successfully paint them, if so, can you please advise?»
    No problem. All you need is paint; probably an oil based gloss or satin, a tin of ESP primer for ...
    Is it possible to paint over varnished and stained French doors (indoor) Will gloss paint dry on them with an undercoat?»
    There is no reason why you could not paint over those doors. First according to normal good ...
    My old pine look kitchen units are looking very tired and I would like to brighten them up. Can I paint them?»
    The answer is a definite yes, provided you do not mind a little bit of work. If you have a kitchen ...
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