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Super Low Tack Tape is a very low tack adhesive tape designed for adhering to sensitive surfaces. Suitable for use on: mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, UPVC and aluminium profiles, window frames, flame retardant screening material and metal ladders. To download the full Igoe Protec..
Ex Tax:€8.95
Self-adhesive film, quickly and simply applied to most hard surfaces such as worktops and kitchen units and protects against scratches, dirt, dust, spills and splashes. Specially formulated, Multi-Use Red™ removes clean and its obvious colour sends a clear signal that it is protecting a finished..
Ex Tax:€63.82
Simple tool that pays for itself on first job. Very light and durable with drip channel (visible on image) for overhead work. Introducing the fast and easy way to avoid paint / overspray splatters on to windows, doors etc.   The Pro Shield, available in 36”  48”   Ide..
Ex Tax:€48.79
Foam Jamb Guard FR™ is a high impact foam profile that provides outstanding protection from accidental impact and damage to door frames during construction or refurbishment.  The foam profiles are pre-slit to clip effortlessly to jambs up to 2000 mm wide without the need for additional tapin..
Ex Tax:€14.50
Protecta Board
2-3 Days
Protecta Board™ is a fluted polypropylene material suitable for multi surface impact protection.   Protecta Board™ is extremely versatile, it can be cut, formed and shaped to protect even the most unusual of surfaces / items and provides excellent impact protection whilst also be..
Ex Tax:€89.00
Protecta Carpet
2-3 Days
One Of Our Most Popular Products - Protecta Carpet.   Protects carpet from foot traffic and spills.  Self-adhesive, flame retardant carpet protection film. Works on all areas, floors and stairs. When the time comes to remove it, it comes off easily and lea..
Ex Tax:€59.50
Protecta Handrail
2-3 Days
5mm thick foam tube casing which adapts to fit and protect handrails. Shields from dust, dirt, paint splashes, and light impact. Supplied in 20m lengths. The Flexible Handrail Protector is easy to cut or form to fit the required shape of the handrail, simply slot into place over the handrail and ..
Ex Tax:€45.00
Specially designed to use in conjunction with Quickprops™, Protecta Screen’s™ Tape Free Dust Seal™ is the ideal solution to create a complete dust barrier in a segmented area and to help ensure minimal transfer of dust and debris into or out of the work area. The Tape Free Dust Seal™ simply attac..
Ex Tax:€29.50
The Protecta Screen Door Kit is a pre-assembled kit that allows the user to create a doorway within a run of screening material. Mostly used alongside Protecta Screen’s™ Quickprop™ system the Door Kit will provide safe and easy access to the segregated area of the worksite, whilst helping to ensure ..
Ex Tax:€29.95
Protecta Window™ Window Protection Film Is a Self-Adhesive Temporary Glass Protection Film. Suitable both for internal and external use, it stops paint and plastering splashes landing directly on the glass thereby removing the need for scraping and cleaning, which invariably leads to scratching ..
Ex Tax:€39.00
Quick Props Telescopic Poles
New 2-3 Days
Quickprops™ are designed specifically for use in sensitive occupied areas. Lightweight, strong, telescopic aluminium adjustable poles for supporting our full range of temporary screening materials.  With various versions extending from 1.7 metres to 6 metres any length temporary screen ..
Ex Tax:€34.50
Screening Material Flame Retardant
2-3 Days
Highly Cost Effective Temporary Screen For All Refurb Work. Creates an effective barrier when used with our Quickprops™ to create a temporary screen during refurbishment etc. (See Quick Props) Comes in 4m x 25m rolls. (Less that €4 per L/m)Being reusable, this high qu..
Ex Tax:€98.50
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