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Self Adhesive Hazard Tape
2-3 Days
Self adhesive hazard warning tape made from a highly visible PVC material, available in Black/Yellow for marking off secure areas. Complies with BS 3887 (1985) part 2. Black & Yellow also complies with Defence Standards 75 7/1. Must lay print side up. To download the full Igoe Protecta C..
Ex Tax:€10.97
3 Times Faster Than Dip And Roll 1000 sq ft / hour (92m2) compared with 250 sq ft / hr (23 m2) dip and roll. The Speed Roller is unique in that it uses an external system to feed the twin 9" rollers allowing a low-pressure delivery system which works with most types of coatings. Block fillers,..
Ex Tax:€290.00
Tack Mat Standard 30 Sheet Peel Off
2-3 Days
Protecta Mat™ is a low profile, tacky, dust removing mat which prevents dry debris from being walked / wheeled into a sensit  Mat Standard comes as 30 sheet set 115cm x 45cm Each mat contains 30 pressure sensitive tacky sheets which are easily peeled off when each one becomes 'full'...
Ex Tax:€39.00
Temporary Drain Pipe is a heavy duty polythene sleeve that prevents water damage to masonry until the drain pipe is installed. It is simply installed by fixing with Cable Ties and can be easily removed prior to installing the permanent drain pipe. Simple installation ideal for both single and mul..
Ex Tax:€69.00
Window Film Dispenser
2-3 Days
Protecta Window™ Dispensers are purposed made for quick and easy application for our Protecta Window™ the self-adhesive window protection film. To download the full Igoe Protecta Catalogue & price list please click link below: Igoe Protecta Catalogue Igoe Protecta Price List..
Ex Tax:€89.00
Self-adhesive stick on zip doors that create a sealable doorway on your temporary screen, Protecta Screen™.  Prevents the spread of dust and creates a secure working area using our Quick Props and temporary screening material. Use in conjunction with Protecta Flame Retardent ..
Ex Tax:€29.95
Liquafix S is a polymer-modified bituminous coating designed for protecting various surfaces, particularly for rejuvenating worn-out or stained tarmac. With its application, Liquafix S restores the surface's appearance, leaving a fresh and uniform finish. It's also highly suitable for safeguarding s..
Ex Tax:€87.50
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