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  • How To Stop Rust & Protect Your Farm Buildings and Machinery From RUST

    How To Stop Rust & Protect Your Farm Buildings and Machinery From RUST

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    Owatrol Oil is THE MOST POWERFUL metal rust remover which Gets To The Root Of The Rust Problem ... Expels Moisture And Oxygen = Rust Food  

    With Owatrol Oil you can treat your Farm Buildings and Machinery that have Rust, either a small amount of a lot and stop it spreading and treating the metal from getting worse in the future. Buy Now, or Contact Us with the Form, or on Live Chat link below. 

    Owatrol Solves the root cause of the rust problem. Owatrol penetrates deep down into the smallest micro pores of the metal all the way down to the ‘good steel’ behind, displaces moisture and air from those rust pores as it travels, thereby removing all ‘rust food’ and stops the rusting action.

    If you are painting over rust whether you are dealing with a steel bridge,  vintage tractor, rusty steel railings, fire escape, whatever - the problem of rust is universal and the solution is Owatrol oil. 


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    Related Testimonials

    2 years ago a friend told me of Owatrol Oil and what it did for his tractor and I could not believe the difference it made to it. So we both decided that this year we would treat our sheds with it because I know my one was getting bad and I did not think I would get many more seasons out of it. The idea of replacing the shed after the hit I got over the last year or so was scary.

    Now I think I will get a minimum of 6 or 7 more years out of my shead after the treating it. And I could get more!  

    Thank you so much guys for all your help and advice.


    "Ever since I started using that owatrol oil I havent stopped telling everybody about it. I should be on commission. It worked on the inside of large steel tanks that had quite a lot of corrosion"

    Owatrol Oil Rust

    "I use it here and there around the farm, great on fertilizer spreaders and other machinery"

    Owatrol Oil Rust

    "I tried it on my own gates and railings where I have to say I was very surprised it did such a great job.I recommend it now as a reliable solution on any rust problems"

    Owatrol Oil Rust

    "All of the canal boat painters I have chatted to have recommended a product called Owatrol oil. I think this is amazing stuff since it can be applied to the rusty surface to pevenet the spread of rust and drive out any lingering water and you can add it to any oil based paint or varnish to improve rust resistance whilst at the same time making the paint much easier to apply"

    Owatrol Oil Rust

    "Hi Brendan, I was talking to you a few years ago about the Owatrol for sealing metal prior to painting. I did buy it in Woodies and I am pleased to say that it was a great success. We have a lot of wrought iron on windows and around the patio areas of our apartment in Spain. Being quite close to the sea, it rusted every year which was a right nuisance. I told you that I would try the Owatrol to see if would lighten this painting burden and it did. I mentioned that I could not give a judgement until three years had passed. It is fine now after that time and we are delighted.Many thanks and best regards. Michael Confrey. P.S. I didn't emphasise also the fact that there is very much a sun factor in Spain, besides the sea air!!!

    Owatrol Oil Rust
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