Problem Solvers - Bursting with Scores of hard to come by maintenance tips! That Magic Ingredient  The MUST have for every DIY enthusiast!  Probably The Most Amazing Property Maintenance Product Ever Found In A Can! 74 Little Known Secret Solutions To Your Most Costly, Frustrating Home Painting & Maintenance Headaches
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    Heat In A Can Insulating Paint

    Warmcoat Keeps Your Room Heat In The Room 2020-04-15

    New Insulating Paint Cuts Heat Loss, Saves Energy, Makes Your Home More Comfortable.

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    Windows like this are a perfect application for Liquid Masking Tape.

    Liquid Masking Tape The Smart 'Masking Fluid' 2020-10-27

    New spray, roll or brush on liquid applied masking makes makes masking tape obsolete.

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    Polytrol revives faded car headlights, bumpers and all other plastics.

    Faded Plastics, uPVC, Fibreglass, Tiles etc Revived in 15 Minutes 2020-10-27

    If you have faded plastic garden furniture, upvc windows or door, fibleglass or composite door, the answer is Polytrol

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    Two sizes available 1 and 5 litre

    Powerful New Paint Remover Now Available 2020-07-17

    New Paint Stripper from Owatrol.


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    Not only large apartment or office blocks, soltherm is used on thousands of homes all around the EU

    External Insulation 2020-10-23

    External Wall Insulation

    External Insulation or EWI as its known in the trade, is the best way to keep your home or building nice and cosy.

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