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  • News » Liquid Masking Tape The Smart 'Masking Fluid' 2020-10-27

    Windows like this are a perfect application for Liquid Masking Tape.

    Paint & decorating projects have now become easier and quicker with the aid of a revolutionary new masking product from Igoe International called Liquid Masking Tape.

    Easy to apply, by spray, roller or brush, Liquid Masking Tape is safe to use, is applied in minutes and most importantly it is easy to remove.

    Protects delicate or expensive hardware, windows etc from paint spatters.

    Not only for painting and decorating, Liquid Masking is also very useful for arts and crafts opening up new easy ways to bring your creations to life.

    No serious DIY'er should be without Liquid Masking Tape.

    Liquid Masking Tape is available is several sizes: 250ml, 750ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L tins

    Available on-line from Igoe International here or ask at your local paint store.

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