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    Quick Props Telescopic Poles

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    Quickprops™ are designed specifically for use in sensitive occupied areas. Lightweight, strong, telescopic aluminium adjustable poles for supporting our full range of temporary screening materials. 

    With various versions extending from 1.7 metres to 6 metres any length temporary screen can be delivered, installed, dismantled and removed quickly without the need for tools or fixings. No disruption or waste is created, Quickprops™ are completely reusable and all components are available, individually, from stock. Quickprops™ directly replace the need for the construction of timber frames to create a temporary screen and will effectively shield sensitive areas from disruption, dust, dirt, paint and mortar splashes, alongside creating an effective barrier between the occupied / sensitive area and your project.   

    • VARIOUS HEIGHTS All Quickprops™ close down to 1.7 metres and we have versions that extend to 4, 5 and 6 metres high. (4 Meter most popular stock item priced on this page) 
    • ANY LENGTH Used with our suggested screening materials any length Protecta Screen™ can be created. 
    • NO DAMAGE  The non marking pads secure the Quickprops™ between the floor and ceiling and require no additional fixings. 
    • NO WASTE  Quickprops™ are supplied in a reusable carrier and create no waste. 
    • NO TOOLS  No tools are required for the installation of Quickprops™. 
    • SAVE TIME  It takes minutes to install and dismantle a Protecta Screen™ using Quickprops™. 
    • CUSTOMER CARE  Given it takes only a few minutes to erect a screen you can now afford to install a Protecta Screen™ where previously you wouldn’t have time, thus creating an excellent impression on your client.

    Keep a Bunch Of Quick Props Handy For All Temporary Screening Work, Refurb etc.

    To download the full Igoe Protecta Catalogue & price list please click link below:

    Igoe Protecta Catalogue

    Igoe Protecta Price List

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