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    Door Stackers

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    Door Painting with Door Stackers painting system gets your door painting done in a fraction of the normal time. Take the hardship out of painting with our unique time and labour saving Door Stackers™ Productivity boosters for all painters and sprayers 

    Ideal for all new build work.
    Spray your doors today, hang them tomorrow and get a better finish in the process! 

    Door Stackers™ for Door Painting Faster. 

    Attach quickly and easily to door ends.  
    Provide a comfortable, horizontal working level and a perfect, even finish  
    Have convenient handles for turning so both sides can be finished at once.  
    Interlock so that finished doors may be stacked to dry in a small area.  
    Lets you stack doors of various widths with complete stability.  
    Easily portable, no bulky racks.  
    Work with solid or hollow doors  Use to move finished doors   

    Door Stackers usually pay for themselves in weeks and last virtually a lifetime.  

    An ordering error has left us with far too many Door Stackers in stock andthis can be Your Opportunity. 

    We are reducing our excess stocks at a crazy price of only €12.95 per pair.Minimum Order 12 Pairs. 

    We ship Worldwide 

    (Non EU Customers -please email us for shipping quote)

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