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    Price Excl. Vat @ 23%

    Speed Rollers

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    3 Times Faster Than Dip And Roll

    1000 sq ft / hour (92m2) compared with 250 sq ft / hr (23 m2) dip and roll.

    The Speed Roller is unique in that it uses an external system to feed the twin 9" rollers allowing a low-pressure delivery system which works with most types of coatings. Block fillers, elastomerics, two component epoxies and urethanes, polyureas, solvent and waterbased systems, even products with aggregate can be applied by the Speed Roller 2500. Floor Coatings and Roof Coatings both are excellent applications for Speed Rollers due to its ability to apply up to 1 mm uniformly- even on uneven roofs.  

    Not all large jobs can be sprayed, environmental concerns caused by overspray, populated or commercial areas, busy parking structures and wind conditions can all stop a spray job, but not a Speed Rollers job.  

    See Comparison Chart Below



    EUR 1,333.33  

      DIP AND ROLL    


    Sq. Meter Wall 929  


      Sq. Meter Wall 929    
    Sq. Meter / Hour  



    Sq. Meter / Hour

    Sq. Meter / U.S. Gallon  33      

    Sq. Meter / U.S. Gallon

    Cost of Coating EUR 15.00 per U.S. Gallon    Cost of Coating EUR 15.00 per U.S. Gallon  
    Labor Per Hour  

    EUR 40.00

        Labor Per Hour  

    EUR 40.00

    Coating Acrylic      


    TIME (Hours/Days)    

    U.S. Gallon

      TIME (Hours/Days)   U.S. Gallon   
    1st Coat 26.7 1st Coat 28.6 1st Coat 10.0 1st Coat 28.6
    2nd Coat 26.7 2nd Coat 28.6 2nd Coat 10.0 2nd Coat 28.6
    Man Hours 53.3     Man Hours 20.0    
    Man Days 6.7      

    Man Days

    Labour Total Cost Cost per Meter2   Labor Total Cost Cost per Meter2  
      EUR 2,133.33 EUR 2.30     EUR 800.00 EUR 0.86  
    Materials       Mateials      
    1st Coat EUR 428.57 EUR 0.46   1st Coat EUR 428.57 EUR 0.46  
    2nd Coat EUR 428.57 EUR 0.46    

    2nd Coat

    EUR 428.57 EUR 0.46  
      EUR 2,990.48 EUR 3.22     EUR 1,657.14 EUR 1.78  


    Better tranfer efficiency of Coatings

    Ergonomically comfortable (no dipping)

    Not a Power Roller                  

    Vs Spray: Speed Rollers save on materials (25%) and covering (5%)          

    Return on Investment maximized with 1st project                        

    Speed Rollers – The Nail Gun of the Painting Industry

    Speed Up Your Coatings Application With a Speed Rollers Now.           

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