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  • plaster beads, plastering beads, saves time and materials.
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    Plaster Faster, Finish Better.  >> SOLD OUT <<

    This special new plastic beading profile / plaster bead you may be pleased to hear about. 

    It is intended to be attached on the inner part of reveals – on to aluminium or pvc frames. 

    You decide thickness / gap / location on the frame to correspond with outer corner bead. 

    Bottom left cut off section shows (back side – see right image) stuck to ‘frame’ and front peel off illustrates how / where you can attach plastic masking film (OPTIONAL). The peeled off section reveals a sticky surface on to which you can attach plastic film. When the job is done, you can break off the sticky section leaving only the thin strip with foam edge in the plaster leaving a lovely clean, well finished edge.  

    The small piece on the lower right shows the reverse with the foam strip (also with adhesive) which sticks to the window / door frame. 

    (the wider 12mm strip on right is rear of the piece that breaks off after job done.)  

    The end result of using this strip is a perfect inner edge and a seal of foam strip between the plaster and the frame. 

    That edge also gives you a perfect straight edge to guide trowel down top to bottom quickly and accurately. 
    Price Only€3-97 each. (Vat extra) 32 per carton. Ex stock. 1.8 M Long / 32 pcs / carton 

    D-TACK plaster strip with sealing lip - without tissue 
    PVC strip for the production of professional cleaning connections. Due to the integrated protective lip no sealant is required. 

    The slightly rounded pull tab ensures optimal positioning of the cleaning bar after plastering and can be easily removed along with covering again.

    Plaster Faster, Finish Better. (Ask For Sample - See For Yourself) 

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