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  • <p> Sometimes, to get a proper finish,&nbsp;you need to remove previous paints or varnish and that is not much fun irrespective of&nbsp;how you go about it.&nbsp; Basically your choices are as follows... chemical paint stripper / remover, heat gun,&nbsp;infra red - speed heater.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> We offer you two of those three options.<br /> <br /> <strong>Chemical Paint Remover</strong>: Check out Eco Friendly <strong>Dilunett (Owatrol Dilunet) below</strong>...</p> <p> <strong>Infra Red Paint Remover </strong>- not a cheap item, but worth a serious look if you are a professional painter decorator. <strong>See Speed Heater below</strong></p> <p> <strong>Paint spatters: </strong>If you need to remove emulsion paint spatters - <strong>See OOPS! Below.</strong></p> <p> <strong>Remove paint from you hands and other delicate items:&nbsp; </strong>Pevalin is a high quality, safe to use, German made very special hand cleaner. We have even been told of great success with Pevalin removing a variety of paints, even gloss etc from leather couches etc.<strong> See Pevalin Hand Cleaner below.</strong></p> Remove paint, varnish etc with Dilunet eco friendly paint remover or a Speed Heater, infra red remover.

    Owatrol DSP800 Paint Remover

    DSP 800 Is A Powerful Yet Safe New Paint Remover, Paint Stripper From Owatrol

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