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    Screw Pump DISCONTINUED see Euromair 8P

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    Discontinued - Replaced by better machine the EUROMAIR 8P < Click Here

    Versatile 110 volt screw pump capable of spraying skim coat, acoustic finishes and other heavy bodied 'paints'. You still mix up the material with your drill as normal and pour into the screw pump hopper. Good material/air control gives you excellent finish possibilities. Kit comes complete with a full set of nozzles.  

    The main benefits of this unique screw coat pump system are as follows:   

    • Because it eliminates the hand application, it takes most of the hard work out of application.  
    • Makes skimcoat troweling off easier because you are spraying a finer / tighter coat and you don't have to take off as much "fat" as you go.  
    • Sprays interior skim coat, acoustic finisheson to walls, ceilings etc  Easy to set up and use  
    • Variable speed control allows you work at a speed that suits you.  
    • Special polypropylene housing makes cleaning fast and easy  
    • Saves on interior skim coat material (something we discovered by accident)  
    • Saves at least 5 hours a weekapplication time.   

    Power supply: Main hopper / pump is 110volt (It can run off 5 KVA generator) Independent compressor required.(NOT INCLUDED)   

    Easy on your pocket too... BIG SALE NOW ON- Huge Savings  
    Pump inc 10m hose, gun, tips etc only €1897. Limited Supply  

    With or Without Compressor (spray or pump applications)  
    Give us a call today on… (01) 830 22 50 From N Irl  UK dial 00353 1 830 22 50.  

    P.S. This machine can make a big difference to your health and pocket.  

    Pays for itself out of material savings, the rest is a bonus!  

    P.P.S. This screw pump (screw pump) can also be used (without compressor) with adaptor nozzles for injection of various sealants etc used for building restoration. E.g. injecting bitumen, grout and so on.


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