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  • Owatrol ATM 007 kills moss, lichens, red algae etc, AlgoClear
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    Owatrol ATM007 Now Replaced By AlgoClearISSN: 3297973801728

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    Ready to use, removes moss, red algae, lichens etc.  

    AlgoClear diluted by 9 parts water spray applied on three places over doorway. Left as is and rain finished the job. Other photo shows section of wall after similar treatment.  

    Ideal for roofs, walls, balconies, stairs, terraces, monuments, pottery, tennis courts, coverings.  

    Works on stone, concrete, brick, slate, roof tiles, shingles, fibre cement, plaster, plastic.   


    Curative... 1 part AlgoClear with up to 9 parts water
    ‚Äč50 m²/ Liter. For 125 m² you’ll need 2.5 liters of concentrated AlgoClear.

    Preventative... 1 part AlgoClear with up to 19 parts of water.  

    Comes in 5 Litre size.

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    Net-Trol works great cleaning stone wall, granite, sandstone, etc

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