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    Paint Remover Cobra

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    Removes Paint Both Exterior And Interior Safely .

    The COBRA is a breakthrough in the world of paint removers / paint stripping.

    Great for windows, doors, furniture and all types of joinery.

    This unit is tidy, small, only 600 grams,and takes up minimal space allowing access even in confined spaces.

    Infrared heating element heats & loosens the most stubborn paints or varnish in seconds from most surfaces.

    This is must have tool for professional painter decorators and restoration companies.

    Boosts productivity, saves hardship, increases your profit on every job you use it on.

    Unit priced here is ready to work. (We recommend you also buy a spare tube €90 extra) 

    Check out our special scraping tools.

    Dont Waste Any More Time Removing Paint - Get Yourself A Cobra Now.

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