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    Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry 20 KG

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    Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry waterproofs against positive and negative hydrostatic heads of water, and is suitable for use internally, externally, above and below ground. It is also ideal for use in damp-proofing applications.

    The Crystalline Technology in Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry causes a chemical reaction with the substrate, causing it to become part of the structure and forming a permanent bond. 

    Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry can be used in basements, cellars, foundations, swimming pools, concrete, renders, brickwork, block work structures and lining water tanks, pools and planters etc.








    • Suitable for damp-proofing and permanent waterproofing applications on concrete and masonry
    • Resists positive and negative water pressure
    • Superior bond strength - becomes part of the structure
    • Resists salt contamination in masonry
    • Suitable for use above and below ground level
    • Suitable for internal and external use
    • Safe to use in contact with potable (drinking) water
    • Can be applied using brush, roller or spray
    • Easy to use


    Owl Force 10 TDS

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