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  • Screed finisher, bull float, with latest water tank fitted. Superb concrete finisher boosts productivity, saves back strain.
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    Concrete Screed Finisher for Semi Dry Sand & Cement Mix (HYDRO)

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    The Smart New Way To Finish Semi Dry Sand And Cement Screeds.

    New Technology Brings Faster Finishing To Old Screed Finishing Methods.

    Ideal for flooring contractors, tiling contractors where you need a great smooth finish.

    Especially developed for levelling and smoothing surfaces such as industrial floors, slabs, driveways, garages, cellars, vaults, corridors, small rooms, and other tight areas.

    Thanks to its light weight, and to the extendable handle bar / steering wheel, it can be controlled and driven with only one hand!

    The steering column also has an adjusting screw to raise or lower the steering column to suit the operator for maximum operator comfort. 

    It does transmit annoying vibration to the operator and can be operated without the slightest fatigue.

    Compliments our HERON compactor / leveller and is superb for flooring companies and general contractors in preparation for tiling, under floor heating etc.

    At only 60cm wide, this machine gets through most internal doorways with ease. The 75 cm model is more suitable for bigger jobs.

    Only 22kg for the 60cm and 30kg for the 75cm, means either can be carried to the site from the van easily by one man without any back strain.

    Model shown in photo is the latest Hydro version which has its own water reservoir.
    This water tank is fitted with a valve / tap to release whatever drip feed of water you may require on certain jobs.

    Fingertip control, makes it glide effortlessly across the surface being worked on for very fast finish.

    Lighter than other bull floats or power floats.  

    Technical Details:                       
    Machine body weight: 22kg (60cm)  30kg  (75cm)
    Honda GX35 Engine
    Water Tank: 3 Litres
    Maximum Overall Dims: 0.60 x 3.80 x 0.5 M / 0.75 x 3.80 x 0.5 M
    Minimum Overall Dims:  0.60 x 1.65 x 0.5 M / 0.75 x 1.65 x 0.5 M
    Disc Diameter: 60 cm.  or  75cm 
    Maximum Power: 1.18 kw
    Disc Rotation Speed 30 - 80 rpm.


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