GacoPro Silicone Roof Waterproofing System

" /> GacoPro Flat Roof Waterproofing Kit (covers 100 m2 - 120 m2 of most existing roof surfaces)
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    GacoPro Flat Roof Waterproofing Kit (covers 100 m2 - 120 m2 of most existing roof surfaces)

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    This Kit will include Material & Tape to cover 100 - 120m2 depending on substrate.

    Your GacoPro Roof kit has everything you need to restore your flat roofs, valley, other substrate etc. 

    To install GacoPro the process is very easy.

    1. Clean & allow to dry.

    2. Repair splits / cracks etc as required with the joint tape 

    3. Coat the entire area with GacoPro. 


    Job done ✅ it’s that easy!

    Guaranteed to keep water out, even under permanently ponding water. For felt, asphalt, concrete, steel, asbestos, fibreglass, EPDM.singe ply, TPO, lead, WPB plywood.Refurbishing your flat or low pitched roof(s) channels, steel gutters etc with GacoPro iseconomical, causes less disruption, is fast to carry out, and is environmentally friendly energy saving.

    Saves roof tear off in many cases.

    If roof basically in sound condition, GacoPro adds another 20 years at least to its life.

    White finish (available) means No More applications of sun / heat reflecting paint. Detailed Information and Prices On Request. (To save time, measure your roof before you call us) We have approved roofing contractors covering all areas of the UK and Ireland.


    Key points as follows...

    ✔Seamless, no joints that can be damaged by sun, frost, wind etc.
    ✔Adds decades to life of old flat or low pitch roofs, gutters, channels etc at minimal cost.

    ✔The only 100% commercial grade silicone roof coating guaranteed to waterproof even under permanently ponding water.

    ✔ Works on old weathered Felt, Asphalt, Concrete, Steel, Single ply, EPDM, Asbestos etc.

    ✔ Unaffected by UV/sunlight & reflects 88% of heat / UV from roof thereby preventing felt damaging expansion / contraction     etc.

    ✔ No more silver painting required.

    ✔ Remains flexible unlike tar or bitumen that get soft, or acrylics that freeze and crack.

    ✔ Withstands temperature extremes -50ºc up to +50ºc.

    ✔ Smooth surface resists the growth of moss and algae - stays cleaner longer.

    ✔ Available in grey & white. 

    ✔ GacoPro roof coating carries a unique 20 Year factory guarantee.


    More information & videos..




    Your 100 - 120 m2 materials kit includes the following:

    4 x 5 gallon drum of GacoPro silicone roof coating - 2400

    Joint tape - 80 

    Delivery - 60

    Total value: €2140 plus vat 

    Buy now for a Limited time special offer price of €2000 plus vat & free delivery.

    Ireland: Ex VAT
    U.K: No VAT with a U.K vat number.


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