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    Owatrol Compo-Care Grey

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    Restores Composite Wood Decking Etc


    • Tinted transparent protection. 
    • Beautifies the colour of composite wood. 
    • Protects against stains (oil, grease ...). 
    • Waterproofs substrate. 
    • Quick drying. Low odour.   


    • All composite wood outdoor 
    • Used on vertical and horizontal surfaces 
    • Ideal for decking, cladding, garden furniture ...  


    • Do not apply in direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. 
    • Make sure it does not rain within 24 hours after application. 
    • Protect everything that should not be treated.  


    • The substrate must be clean, dry and free of dust, mould, grease stains. 
    • Clean with COMPO-CLEAN or with suitable detergent.   


    • Do not dilute. Stir thoroughly before implementation. Apply an even layer of COMPO-CARE over the entire length of the blade. 
    • In case of spray application, smoothing is always recommended to improve penetration and provide a uniform appearance.  

    Coverage per coat : 15 m²/l 

    Application Equipment : Brush - Roller 

    Application Temperature: +5°C to +35°C 

    Drying time : 12 to 24 h. 

    Cleaning :Water 

    Freshen Up Your Composite Decking Now With Owatrol Compo-Care. See Owatrol Compo-Clean Also.

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