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  • Those who know say that this is the best small airless plastering machine on the market. Rotor and stator powerful pump means no compressor required. Ideal for skim coat, acrylics, base coats, spray plasters, intumescent fireproofing materials.
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    Euromair MINIJET 80 Airless Plastering Machine

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    Said to be the best spray plaster machine available anywhere, the Euromair MINIJET 80 enables application of all types of pasty film fillers.
    It is a compact, quiet and light machine.
    It can be moved up and down stairs by only one person, thanks to its trolley-type & large wheel chassis.
    Cleaning is quick and simple at the very end of the project.

    The hardy rotor stator screw pump can be changed in 5 minutes directly on the construction site..

    The Euromair MiniJET 80 Airless Plastering Machine is the ideal machine for applying airless plaster / skim coat.
    The MiniJET 80 is equipped with a Rotor and Stator screw pump for easy maintenance.
    Stainless steel tank, with large drain plug for easy cleaning.
    Its inflatable low profile large diameter wheels offer better stability and allow easy movement of the machine even when the tank is full.
    This machine has been tried and tested with Toupret, Knauf, Baumit, JUB, BAGAR, SEMIN and many more airless plasters. 


    All types of ready-to-use film plasters: skimcoat, acrylics, basecoats, smoothing, coating, raking coating, casing coating, bituminous coating ...


    Maximum Working Pressure: 80 BAR
    Maximum Product Flow-rate: 4.5 L/Min
    Electric Motor: 1.5kw
    Power: Standard 110 volt site power
    Type of Pump: Rotor Stator Screw Pump
    Pump: Jet 1
    Tank Capacity: 45L / 3 bag
    Max Grain Size: 1.5mm
    Dimensions: (L x W x H) 660 x 430 x 710 mm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Noise Level 91 lwa

    16mm x 10 m material spray hose
    13mm x 2.5 m material whip hose
    Jetpro spray-gun with nozzle holder
    TT3 443 nozzle & nozzle case.
    a toolbox containing:

    • 1 17 mm spanner
    • 2 open-end wrenches 22x32 and 27x38
    • 1 Multigrip pliers
    • 3 Allen keys Ø2, 5 and 8
    • 2 Cleaning balls and a cleaning brush
    • 1 L of storage liquid

    Boost your productivity and profits now - invest in a Minijet 80 Airless Sprayer. Call 01 830 22 50 today.


    Our price will not be beaten anywhere in Ireland or UK!    

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