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    Force 10 Waterproofer

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    Owl Force 10...  Epoxy-Cement Resin Combats Rising Damp & Water Ingress.

    Total Waterproofing: Force 10 is a CE approved high performance waterproofer suitable for both positive and negative thrust.
    Low Thickness: Unlike alternative technologies, Force 10 guarantees its performance even at low thickness thanks to new generation epoxy resin.
    Applicable All Year Round: The presence of special catalyst allows the application of Force 10 during all seasons, with temperatures between +5 C and 35C.
    Quick & Easy Application: Force 10 can be applied by roll, brush, trowel or for large surfaces by airless spray. The application is suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces.
    Perfect Adhesion: The special cement component allows Force 10 to adhere perfectly on any kind of surface, also on wet substrates, acting as a universal adhesion primer.
    Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor: Force 10 can be applied either indoor or outdoor on walls or floors.
    Solvent Free: Force 10 is 100% Solvent Free. It can be diluted with water if necessary. 

    Main Applications:
    As a Vapour Barrier: Liquid damp proof membrane to be used prior to the application of resin floor coatings. Applicable to all substrates which may be affected by rising damp. Force 10 creates an efficient damp proof membrane and at the same time it acts as a universal bonding primer.
    Rising Damp Encapsulation: Force 10 can be applied to damp walls, indoor and outdoor. Force 10 is a good solution for walls affected by rising damp. In just a few millimeters it encapsulates humidity and it can be directly coated with paints, smoothers or plasters. This is a solution suitable for indoor and outdoor.
    Negative Side Waterproofing: Perfect waterproofing for underground building elements. In all situations in which it is not possible to intervene in positive pressure.Force 10 blocks water infiltration on the negative side. This is a solution for all underground walls and floors, elevator pits, swimming pools, tunnels, cellars, basements, garages, underground rooms and any wet substrate or surface affected by rising dampness.

    Vapour Barrier & Adhesion Primer: On concrete substrates, Force 10 acts as both a vapour barrier and primer IN ONE SOLUTION.

    As A Vapour Barrier Before Tiling: Apply Force 10 to the substrate. Apply tile adhesive. Fit Tiles.
    As A Vapour Barrier Before Applying Liquid Coatings etc: Apply Force 10 to waterproof and prime the substrate prior to application of coatings etc.

    Powerful Adhesion Primer:
    Force 10 provides powerful adhesion on a wide range of surfaces:
    Cement. Concrete. Plasters. Smoothers. Tiles. Stone. Wood. Metals. 

    Substrates... Concrete / Cement, Plasters / Renders, Stone, Timber, Tiles, Metal.


    To Download Force 10 Brochure please click link below

    Force 10 Brochure


    Force 10 Coverage Guideline:
    Depending on the field of application, Force 10 has 3 different rates of coverage.
    Vapour Barrier: 0.6 kg/m2
    Encapsulation Of Rising Damp: 1kg/m2
    Waterproofing Of Underground Walls: 2kg/m2

    Drying time:    24h @ 20°C & 40% humidity.  
    Colours:  Available in black and white.

    10 kg plastic bucket. contains the 3 separate components, (can in photo is 25kg - not available)

    Resistant up to 9.5 ATM of negative pressure (counterthrust).
    No excavation or demolition if applied inside.
    Excellent waterproofing, consolidating and filling abilities.

    It acts as vapour barrier on concrete substrates.
    Avoids removal and disposal of old plasters.
    Easy to plaster, to paint over and to tile.
    Solvent free.
    Aspect: Paste

    Components: 10 kg Kit contains Three-component (A+B+C)

    Impermeability: Positive pressure: 9.5 ATM - 132.3 psi

    Impermeability: Negative pressure: 9.5 ATM

    Adhesion to cementicious support: 2.5 N/mm2 - 362.59 lbf/in2 (good)

    Adhesion to tuff: 3.0 N/mm2 - 435.11 lbf/in2 (good)

    Adhesion to chipping floor: 1.5 N/mm2 - 217.56 lbf/in2 (good)

    Adhesion to expanded polyurethane panel: 1.25 N/mm2   (good)

    Adhesion on EPS: 1.5 N/mm2.

    Adhesion to glazed ceramic tile: 2.5 N/mm2 - 362.59 lbf/in2 (good)

    Pot Life: 2 hours at 20°C - 68°F and 40% relative humidity level (high temperatures decrease workability time)

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