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    At A Glance...

    • Removes yellow staining, mould, black stain and rust
    • Brightens and whitens gelcoat
    • Dissolves limescale, efflorescence, sea salt and water marks
    • Removes streaks and rust spots
    • Easy to use and fast acting
    • 1 Litre bottle

    Owayell is a gelcoat and metal renovator which removes yellow staining, limescale and rust spots from gelcoat, stainless steel and other surfaces in a matter of minutes. It will brighten and whiten gelcoats as well as dissolve limescale, sea salt and water marks. Owayell will also disintegrate dirt caused by micro-organisms and barnacle/shell residue and can be used to restore shine to stainless steel, anodised aluminium and chrome surfaces.

    Owayell is simple to use and is fact acting in just 5 to 10 minutes. It can also be used to passivate raw steel and aluminium in preparation for painting.

    Ideal uses of Owayell gelcoat and metal renovator

    • Brightening a gelcoat with yellow staining
    • Removing barnacle or shell residue from boat hulls
    • Dissolving water marks and unsightly limescale residue
    • Removing streaks and rust traces from marine metal
    • Restoring shine and removing rust spots from stainless steel
    • Passivating steel in preparation for painting
    Coverage: Dependent on use
    Tools: Brush, Roller, Cloth
    Suitable for: Exterior use
    Clean up: Water
    Average Working Time: 5-10 Minutes
    Restrictions: Do not use on galvanised metal or raw aluminium
    Suitable Surfaces: Polyester, gelcoat, anodised aluminium, plexiglass, glass, stainless steel and more


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