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    Wall Patch 6" x 6"

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    Anyone can patch a hole in drywall in minutes with the Wall Patch  

    Metal self-adhesive patch adheres to wall to cover hole.

    The easiest way to permanently patch holes in drywall. 
    Metal self-adhesive patch adheres to wall to cover hole, just spackle and paint to finish. 

    Three easy steps and your damaged wall is fixed. 

    So easy anyone can fix a hole in drywall in minutes. 

    Easy & Fast Repair of Drywall 

    Size Available: 6” x 6” 

    Self Adhesive Permanent Metal Patch

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    "We do a lot of heavy marble and other tiles and we needed a better way to prepare the screed for same. Having seen this Heron on the Internet we decided to get an engine driven version and we have found it to be a great time and labor saver. The men can now do this work without going down on their knees and that has been well received"

    By GSE Marble Tile , USA
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