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    Owatrol Aluminium RA85

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    Highly Flexible, No Peel, Anti-Corrosive High Gloss Aluminium Paint Finish For ALL Surfaces

    • High gloss aluminium appearance
    • Excellent penetrating and adhesion properties – does not flake or peel
    • Decorative insulating film – high temperature resistance up to 175°C
    • Excellent abrasion resistance – ideal in aggressive climatic conditions
    • Greatly prolongs the life of the treated surface  


    • Anti corrosive high gloss aluminium finish.
    • High reflecting film – light and heat
    • Excellent penetrating and adhesion properties due to the binding properties of Owatrol Oil – Does not peel or flake.
    • Rejuvenates rusted surfaces.
    • Ideal for aggressive climatic conditions. Withstands chemical attacks.
    • Easy application.
    • Protects against corrosion.  
    • Excellent film-forming qualities (adhesion, flexibility, even film).
    • High temperature resistance up to +175 °C.    

    Where to use

    • Exterior: gates, fences, structural steelwork, fire escapes, truck & trailer wheels, boat trailers, milking parlour pens, roofing, cisterns, storage tanks, trailers, exhaust, pipes, classic and vintage car or machinery underbodies, in fact, anywhere you want an beautiful silvery finish that will not peel or flake.
    • Interior: machinery, pumps, electrical, plumbing.
    • Horizontal and vertical surfaces  

     Recommendations before application

    • Shake or stir paint thoroughly before and during use.
    • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and other surface contaminants.
    • On new metal (except aluminium), always apply an application of Owatrol Oil first to avoid any possible reaction between the metal and aluminium paint.
    • Cover / mask everything you do not wish to paint, especially when applying by roller or spray.
    • Do not dilute    


    • Apply a coat of Owatrol RA85. If two coats are required, allow a minimum of 24 hours between coats.
    • Owatrol RA85 is based on Owatrol Oil, which allows an even shiny film to form while maintaining high flexibility.   

    Clean up 

    • Return any unused product to its original container. Clean all tools and equipment with white spirit.
    • Rags soiled with RA85 should be allowed to dry flat or dipped in water before being disposed of.  

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    " I tried the owatrol oil on truck wheels and painted them later with owatrol aluminium ra85.  Unbelievable products"

    By Frank O'Malley on Truck Wheels, Owatrol Aluminium RA85

    “I tried the Owatrol on truck wheels and painted them later with the Owatrol aluminium. Unbelievable products.” 


    By Frank O’Malley Used Owatrol Alu on Truck wheels, Owatrol Aluminium RA85

    I absolutely love the Owatrol Aluminium, used it for repainting the chasis and hitch, and it did an amazing job!

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