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  • If your business is general construction which incorporates concrete levelling, concrete finishing, floor laying where you are using semi-dry sand and cement mix system, you will find some unique time and hard work savers in this section. Another area we specialise in is temporary site protection products. Save your company a fortune in damage to wood, glass, carpets etc with our Protecta range.  We welcome you to our site.

    Choose from a wide range of construction related products.


    Crack Sealer Plus Kit

    Crack Sealer Plus seals fine cracks in bricks, blocks, render and concrete and is available in brick red or concrete grey for a colour matched finish.

    Euromair COMPACT PRO 25 Plastering Machine

    The Compact Pro 25 is a powerful yet portable Plastering Machine for spraying slurry, fibrous, decorative fillers, skim, acrylics, fire proofing materials etc.

    Owl Resins & Stones Bound Surfacing Systems Kit

    Owl Resins & Stones Bound Surfacing Systems 4m2 Kit

    Euromair Plastering Machine DROP PRO 8P or EZE 24

    The Euromair EuroPro 8P widely known as the EZE 24 is a light weight plastering / rendering machine.
    Ideal for small site work, domestic houses EWI work etc.

    Owl Resin Bound DIY Kit 1 - 2m2

    Owl Resins & Stones Bound Surfacing Systems 4m2 Kit

    Euromair MINIJET 80 Airless Plastering Machine

    Airless Paint & Plaster Spraying Machine, Plastering & Rendering Machines. Light, compact, powerful, simple to operate and maintain.

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