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  • Floetrol ends problem of brush and roller marks and boosts hiding power of yellows, reds etc, great for cutting in, huge time saver
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    Floetrol Saves Hard Work and Time When Painting With Emulsions. 

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    Floetrol makes water based paints flow better, eliminates brush and roller marks, increases hiding power and reduces number of coats on widely contrasting and weak colours such as reds, yellows etc. Eliminates Roller Marks and Brush Marks on deep colours, saves time and work applying additional coats. Great for latest water based gloss paint etc. 

    • Use in all water-based paints, eliminates roller marks, brush marks (Great for Acrylic Pour Painting
    • Improves the flow and maintains the wet edge – great for cutting in, paint without effort 
    • Improves the finish – maintains the inherent quality and characteristics of the paint 
    • Suitable for interior and exterior use and great for special effects 
    • Eases application of painting in difficult conditions, painting ceiling in warm room, sunny day etc.


    • Additive for waterborne paints, emulsions, acrylics, vinyls 
    • Improves paint flow and workability. 
    • Minimises paint streaks and roller marks. 
    • Increases wet edge open time and eases application. 
    • Ideal for special effects, decorative painting, rag rolling, sponging etc.
    • Avoids brush marks and roller marks especially in warm room, sunny and windy conditions. 
    • Eases and improves spray application.  

    ◦Offers greater flexibility of application. 

    ◦Reduces electric spray gun pressure by up to 20%

    ◦Reduces overspray – Less paint waste. 

    ◦Prevents tip clogging and piston freeze 

    ◦Lubricates moving parts – reduces wear and tear of gun, tips etc.  

    ◦Superb for cutting in.

     Massive Time Saver. On weak hiding colours, saves you additional coats of paint because it boosts the hiding power of the paint.


    • Floetrol is an additive specially formulated for use with water-based paints and wood stains, making them work and apply smoothly like oil-based paints. Added to any water-based paint, Floetrol increases the open or wet edge time, improves workability and eliminates brush marks and roller marks. 


    • Prepare surface as per instructions on the paint can. 
    • Apply paint in normal manner 
    • If paint sets up too fast, drags, or does not level properly, add Floetrol until the paint works smoothly and easily. 
    • Brush or roller : add between 10-20% per litre of paint 
    • HVLP Cup Gun Spray : Add 5-10% per litre of paint to achieve the desired consistency and flow. If paint seems to thicken, add a tablespoon of water per litre of paint to thin. 
    • Airless spray : add 10% per litre of paint. 
    • Special effects : add 20-25 % per litre of paint. Decorative Painting – ditto or higher ratio. 
    • Do not add Floetrol to oil or alkyd based paints, including glycerophtalic paints. 
    • Do not use in clear acrylic varnish. 
    • Always test for compatibility  ensure Floetrol is well mixed in. 

    Application tools : Brush, roller, airless spray 

    Temperature application : +5°C to +35°C 

    Clean-up : Water + cloth 

    Order Your Floetrol Now.

    Allow 1 litre per 1 to 2 ten litre buckets of emulsion. (usage will depend on temperature & drying conditions) Floetrol pays for itself easily with less paint required, better coverage, less work, better finish.

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    “Very good for colour washing and stuff like that. The more you add in the longer its stays open.” 

    By Clive Swindell Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “I’ve often use it on ceilings to hold back the wet edge when the paint is drying too fast.” 

    By Peter Brewer Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “It’s great in dark or deep emulsion colours, leaves no streaks or cutting in marks which usually are a problem.” 

    By C Costigan Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “I’d say its fantastic in all low hide colours like reds, yellows etc, saves a stack of time.” 

    By G Brennan Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “I use it all the time, makes life a lot easier and takes a lot of the hard work out of rolling and brushing.” 

    By D Kerins Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “I find it very good for cutting in and it even makes my paint go further which is very handy when you are running out of a colour on the job.” 

    By Gerald Stafford Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “We had bad problems on one job with greyish blue in an apartment block with roller marks etc and we tried some Floetrol which sorted the problem right away.” 

    By M Prunty Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “I always use Floetrol on bad hiding colours because it saves me a coat or two.”


    By M Sherlock Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “Whenever I spray, I use it, lower pressure needed and less waste.” 

    By G McWilliams Painter Decorator, Floetrol

    “I normally use it on ceilings, makes the job a lot easier, and a much better finish.” 

    By M Foley Painter Decorator, Floetrol

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