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  • Transyl loosens rusted bolts, seized parts, ideal for vintage
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    Owatrol Transyl

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    Heaviest Duty Releasing and Lubricating Oil For Most Challenging Applications 

    • Releases – unlocks tight or stuck mechanisms seized by rust and oxidation
    • Penetrates – has unparalleled ‘wetting’ abilities and spreads into all hidden areas quickly 
    • Lubricates – outstanding fluidity and lubricating ingredients 
    • Cleans – excellent cleaning agent – removes dirt, grime and grease 
    • Protects – leaves a thin protective film on surfaces to shield against moisture and oxidation 
    • Multi-purpose Lubricant & Releasing Oil 


    • Exceptional wetting and self-spreading power, superb for vintage restoration 
    • Seeps into the most difficult places to allow access 
    • Unlocks rusted, stuck or tight mechanisms 
    • Lubricates valves, screws, locks….
    • How to remove a rusted bolt
    • How to remove rusted bolts
    • How to remove rusted screws
    • How to remove a rusted screw



    • Acts by infiltration, even when cold – will not damage the surface and cannot freeze 
    • Very low viscosity, avoids fouling. 
    • Does not pick up dust or fluff (ideal for looms etc) 
    • Eases machining (drilling, cutting, threading), reduces drill bit and cutting tool wear 
    • Acts as a releasing agent for moulds


    • Disintegrates rust and deposits a lubricating film 
    • Removes grease and dust 
    • Dissolves dirty oil, tar, glue 
    • Will not affect or damage metal or painted surfaces, great for cleaning guns etc 
    • Does not contain caustic or acid substances 


    • Displaces humidity and deposits a lubricating film 
    • Does not contain silicone [Safe in Auto Body Shop or Paint Shop environments] 
    • Creates a barrier against oxidation 
    • Operates between -30°C to + 50°C 
    • Avoids short-circuits due to humidity 
    • Eases the maintenance of tools and machine tools 

    If TRANSYL Does Not Open It - Nothing Will (apart from an angle grinder)

    To download the Owatrol Transyl Brochure please click link below:

    Owatrol Transly Brochure

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    "Used Transyl on vintage tractors and it is an excellent product for loosening all kinds of tight bolts and so on. I'd recommend it highly"

    By Paddy Egan Lanz Bulldog Club Ireland, Transyl

    "A fellow Fingal club member told me about the Transyl which I never heard about before and he recommended it highly for loosening seized bolts, studs and so on so I got some and I have to say, he was right, it is a first class product. Sean Connell.

    By Sean Connell, Dublin

    "I used Transyl for the first time to clean and lubricate my guns recently after being told about it by a friend in the club and I was amazed at the result. I dis-assembled the main parts and soaked them in the Transyl, then wiped them off and reassembled them again. The result on the bolt was superb, click click click, so smooth, the best I've ever seen. A super product. One thing though, I wouldn't use it on the outside of barrel finish as it could damage the bluing, but otherwise Transyl is a winner and I'll be using that from now on"

    By Pat Finegan (Twice All Ireland Champion Small Bore Rifles)., Transyl

    “I used Transyl to free out seized bolts on the bottom of a Hardi knapsack sprayer that I bought 23 years ago. I needed to replace part of the pump which was held in by those bolts. The bolts were rusted solid and the heads were small and I couldn’t get a proper grip to get them off and I was afraid they would snap.
    I sprayed the Transyl on and left them a couple of hours and then got a small vice grips and they came out like no problem… unbelievable”
    “I replaced the pump part and corroded bolts with stainless Steel ones and now its working like new again. I’ll be telling everybody about it and that’s for sure".

    By Leo Lyons, Roscommon

    "I use the Transyl all the time for loosening tight bolts, brake callipers, ables etc. It might not be well known but to my mind there's nothing to touch it. Wouldnt use anything else now"

    By Vintage Enthusiast, Galway

    "I used the Transyl for lots of different things and found it to be better than anything I ever used before. For instance, the steel blades on my saw bench can get rusty from moisture in the air and it keeps them in great order between jobs. I've also used it on my pillar drill and the garden rotavator to keep it them in good shape. I wouldnt use anything else now". 

    By Edward Collins, Galway, Transyl

    "The first time I used Transyl was on an old hay turner that had been lying out in the weather for over twenty years and everything was in a bad way. The transyl loosened the bolts and other seized parts with little or no effort. I wot be using anything else from now on" 

    By Tommy Murphy Vintage Collector, Kerry

    "I've used many different loosening oils over the years and so far I have not come across anything that works like the Transyl. On one trailer where the wheel nuts were not touched in over five years, I tried **** (well known brand) which I've been using for years on one of the wheels, left it soaking and still didn't budge the nuts. I applied the transyl on all the other wheels, left them a few hours and when I came back they came off with no effort whatsoever.. I was amazed. I'll certainly be using that from now on, thanks for a great product"

    By Jim O'Connell Haulage, Limerick, Transyl

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