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    Tile Grout Coating Revives White Grout

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    Grout Colour Restorer (White)   

    Tile Guard Tile Grout Coating makes grubby tile grout look like new again. One of our fastest selling items, it is simple and fast to apply.  

    Unlike grout pen, the Sponge applicator makes this job comfortable and 3 times faster. Wash grout lines first with bleach and water 50:50 to kill any bacteria, mould etc. Rinse  allow to dry.  

    Simply run the applicator sponge along the grout lines.  

    Leave for about 10 minutes and use a soft clean, dry cloth to buff off the excess coating that is on tiles.  

    Grout will look like new again and lasts for years.  

    Ideal for Kitchen  Bathroom tiles.  

    The coating re-whitens tile grout like new, and protects it against soil, stains and mildew. Unique formula - penetrates as it dries.  

    Forms a durable bond with porous grout and is suitable for use on floors and in showers.  


    Many people order this great product in lots of 3 or 4 for their family and friends etc.


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