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  • Airless sprayer QT550
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    AIRQT550 Airless Sprayer

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    A powerful 1500 watt brushless electric motor, easy to operate airless sprayer sprays intumescent paint, masonry paints, solvent based paints, primers, acrylics, lacquers, roofing and cladding paints. timber stains, preservatives. releasing agents. 

    Supplied ready-to-spray with 50ft /15m textile hose assembly, airless spray gun, airless tip and guard.

    60 second No Tools removal of wet end

    Keeps down-time to an absolute minimum.Repairs on the job are possible.

    Mounted on Wheeled Trolley

    Triple Filtering System

    Includes an easy access, quick change manifold filter

    Everything you need when you're on the job - where you want it. Ideal for filters, tips, spanners and any other small parts that otherwise get lost.

    Easy Change Filter, No tools, no mess.

    Because the filter works from the inside out - the housing never gets dogged.

    Externally Adjustable Packings

    Both the upper and lower packings are easily adjusted from outside the pump. Great for longer life - less repair costs with less downtime.

    Heavy duty tyres keeps machine puncture free.

    Spray Specification

    Power supply 110 volt / 1500 watt

    Maximum tip size 0.031

    Maximum working pressure - 227 bar / 3300 psi

    Maximum flow rate - Up to 5.5 litres / minute

    Weight - 60kg

    If you have a lot of spraying to do - this beast of a sprayer will do the business with very fast pay back.

    Got questions? Give us a call or drop us a line via our Contact us box.

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