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    Keeper Straps 8 pc set

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    Tough, long lasting high flex rubber straps last a lifetime.  

    Rubber Straps / Tie Downs  

    These rubber straps are, strong, durable and ideal for use as tie downs to secure cargo in pickups, trailers, vans, on bikes, equipment AND LOTS MORE.  

    Special EPDM compound will not crack, rot or lose rebound qualities.  

    Strong steel hooks will not bend, break or rust under normal use.  

    We offer an assorted selection of 8 straps,2 of each sizes: 14", 19", 24" and 35" for only €24.97  

    Each strap will safely expand by 50% / recommended (unofficially - lots more)  

    Will connect to each other for more versatility.  

    These are the toughest straps you will find anywhere!  

    Not to be compared with the ordinary Bungee straps which are usually elasticated.  

    The extra tough rubber straps will withstand very severe use and last for years.  

    Keep a few Rubber Straps in your car, truck or shed.  

    Hundreds of uses.  

    Here are a few examples / ideas  

    Perfect for trades people to hold / organise tools, light equipment etc.  

    Home owners: Great in the shed, garden, even for keeping shed door closed.  

    Use in vans, pick-ups to hold goods in place.  

    Handy on motor cycles, scooters and quads.  

    For roof racks, skis etc  

    Holding bikes up in garage  

    On your boat or bicycle carrier.  

    The list goes on...    


    Don't be caught out anymore... Order this very useful rubber strap set today.  

    Set consists of 2 of each sizes: 14", 19", 24" and 35" 

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