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    Pevalin Spezial Hand Cleaner 200ml tube

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    Highest Quality German Hand Cleaner, Safe On Skin: 

    This highly effective high-grade hand cleansing cream enables easy removal of stubborn or highly adhesive soiling. 

    Pevalin Spezial is an oil-in-water emulsion. 

    Pevalin Spezial cleanses the skin deep into the pores, gently and offers lasting skin protection and excellent refattening. 

    Pevalin Spezial easily removes stubborn or highly adhesive soiling, such as paints, synthetic resin and gravure printing inks as well as oil, fats, tar, bitumen, polyurethane foams, graphite  



    Pevalin Spezial is based on raw materials that are dermatologically and toxicologically safe. 

    Pevalin Spezial contains cold-pressed natural oils and soothing lanolins. Water-insoluble, fragrance free cleansing components integrated in the oil-in-water emulsion ensure gentle removal of the soiling. There is no direct contact between the dirt removing substances and the skin. The surfactants are biodegradable and fulfil the requirements of the OECD screening test. 
    Pevalin Spezial contains high-grade, skin-friendly synthetic abrasives that enhance the cleansing effect. These abrasives do not block waste pipes. 

    Pevalin Spezial is silicon-free. 

    Pevalin Spezial has been dermatologically tested. 
    Pevalin Spezial is proven due to many years’ use in practical application.  



    Rub (without water) well into dry and dirty hands until the dirt is completely dissolved. 

    Rinse off with water or wipe off with a towel. 

    Pevalin Spezial cleanser the skin deep into the pores without using water. 

    A little Pevalin Spezial goes a long way. Approx. 3 ml (one dose from the dispenser) is sufficient to clean your hands thoroughly.  



    Product Description: 

    Pale yellow oil-in-water emulsion in a cream paste, with an orange scent. 
    Contains PU abrasives. 
    pH-value: 7.5 - 7.9 
    Density: Approx 0,84 g/cm3 (20° C) 


    Statutory Requirements 

    Pevalin Spezial is subject to the German Cosmetics Ordinance (KVO) and the Foodstuffs and commodities Act (LMBG). All cosmetics products in the range are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are subject to microbial quality assurance checks.  



    Pevalin Spezial can be stored in closed original containers at room temperature for at least 18 months and in tubes for at least 30 months. The contents must be used within 12 months of the tube being opened. Must be protected against frost. 



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