Problem Solvers - Bursting with Scores of hard to come by maintenance tips! That Magic Ingredient  The MUST have for every DIY enthusiast!  Probably The Most Amazing Property Maintenance Product Ever Found In A Can! 74 Little Known Secret Solutions To Your Most Costly, Frustrating Home Painting & Maintenance Headaches
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    Owatrol Compo-Care Brown & Grey 2.5 L Now Known As Compoxell

    Compo-Care Composite Wood Restorer, Looks Just Like New Again

    Owatrol Net-Trol

    Cleans Wood, Cleans Stone, Cleans Plastics, Removes Rust Stains


    Owatrol Compo-Care Grey

    Composite Wood Restorer Grey, Looks Just Like New Again

    Owatrol Compo-Clean

    Compo-Clean Composite Wood Cleaner, Looks Just Like New Again

    Owatrol ATM007 Now Replaced By AlgoClear

    Kills Moss, Red Algae, Lichens From Roofs, Tarmac, Concrete. 


    Removes dried in emulsion paint, spatters, stains, does not harm plastics etc

    Met-All Brass Polish & Copper Polish

    Non-abrasive, non-toxic formula cleans and protects providing a deep, rich, mirror- like finish that lasts and lasts. Great for all brass and copper items.

    Met-All Silver Polish & Pewter Polish

    Mirror like finish outlasts all other polishes.

    Met-All Aluminium & Stainless Polish

    Aluminium and Stainless Polish Remove oxidation and discolouration in one easy application with Met-All’s Aluminium & Stainless Steel polish. You get a finish that lasts and lasts.

    Pevalin Spezial Hand Cleaner 200ml tube

    Pevalin Spezial hand cleaner easily removes stubborn or highly adhesive soiling, such as paints, synthetic resin and gravure printing inks as well as oil, fats, tar, bitumen, polyurethane foams, graphite

    Pevalin Spezial Hand Cleaner

    Removes Stubborn Dirt Without Harming Your Skin.




    Water-based high performance resin varnish for wood flooring


    OwaYell from Owatrol The Powerful Remover For Lime Scale, Efflorescence etc.

    Owatrol Pura-Trol

    An industrial cleaner from the makers of Owatrol


    Natural cleaner for all floor types even oiled or varnished surfaces

    Paint Odour Eliminator DISCONTINUED

    If You Don't Like The Smell Of Paint, This Is For You.

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