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  • Fastest, easiest way to compact / level semi dry sand and cement mix screeds
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    Vibrating Screed for Semi Dry Sand and Cement Mix for Floor Laying - Electric

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    Heron…The Smart New Vibrating Screed

    Especially developed for Semi Dry, Sand & Cement Mix This Screed Finisher Ends Back Breaking Hard Work Screeding Floors Forever.

    Heron is a versatile, newly designed vibrating power screed, created for screeding & compacting semi-dry sand & cement mix floor screeds, in preparation for subsequent floor laying work such as underfloor heating, marble tiles laying etc. It can also be used to level coarse and fine aggregates. It is equipped with a component which converts motor energy into horizontal orbital movement, producing micro-vibrations of variable intensity, based on the density of the screed, thereby eliminating air pockets and voids in the substrate.

    Heron was designed to produce large quantities of work, and is without equal in its field. When correctly powered, this machine guarantees levelling from 80 to 100m2 per hour with only one man.

    Heron produces high-level compacting of aggregates, and offers up to 8 times higher production than what is currently being produced by traditional methods, contributing to substantial labour savings and allowing rapid pay back of the machine, in just a few hour’s work. Heron has been created with concepts and technology that are not commonly found in this kind of equipment. It is lightweight and maintenance-free (lubrication and tightening). 

    Heron protects workers from accidents due to distraction because its mechanical parts are covered by the body of the machine.

    Heron is equipped with ergonomic handles with an exclusive “anti-shock” system which allows the operator to work for a long time without tiring and without damaging hands with dangerous vibrations.

    Heron EL (electric motor 110 volt and 230v - 50hz) comes as standard with 1, 1.5 or 2m blade. [2 meter most popular]

    (NOTE: Engine Driven Version Also Available)

    Note: Machine comes with chosen blade already fitted (not interchangeable with other blade size.)

    (Blades are manufactured and calibrated to match the machine.)

    Heron…The Smart New Vibrating Semi Dry Concrete Screed

    Heron is composed of two elements.

    The first is fixed, the machine body (orange), which consists in a frame with handles at one end, motor seating’ and “anti-shock” system blade attachment at the other end.

    Heron is available with either Electric or Honda engine: (Model shown and priced here is the Electric 110 volt 1.5 meter blade)

    This page refers to the Electric Version. (For Engine - See Other Model)

    Electric single-phase motor, 230 Volt- 50hz. (for UK  Irl 110 volt available)


    Heron Electric Motor: single-phase electric 230 volt (110 volt available for UK & Ireland)

    Weight: machine body: 8 kg.

    Weight: 100 cm blade: 7 kg.

    Weight: 150 cm blade: 8 kg.

    Weight: 150 cm blade: 9 kg.

    Material: aluminium/steel

    Production: up to 80 - 100 m²/hour

    Description and illustrations are only indicative; the products may present different characteristics for construction purposes. Igoe International Ltd reserves the right to modify any of its products.

    What Users Say About The Heron: See Testimonials Below

    Shipping extra and cost depends on your location, please check with us before ordering.

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