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    Heat In A Can Insulating Paint

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    Never enough heat in that room?  still freezing?

    Freezing cold, cavity block / solid wall, hard to heat, cold room(s) 
    If your home was built with cavity block or solid walls, stone or concrete and you may always feel cold irrespective of heating.
    In other words, wall insulation is non existent meaning it is very hard to heat and when heated – gets cold again quickly. Older homes with bad insulation are especially prone to this problem. 
    Caution: Many cavity block walls cannot be successfully insulated by ‘pumping’ alone because a substantial percentage of that wall is in fact solid concrete which cannot be ‘pumped’ for obvious reasons.
    Some insulation systems compound existing condensation problems by reducing the wall’s ability to breathe. 
    Wetness or damp forms on cold walls Mould patches grow on damp surface Condensation, damp walls, wet walls.
    Condensation, often described as damp walls or dampness is a direct result of bad or no wall insulation frequently accompanied by inadequate room ventilation. Cold walls attract the warmer, moist room air, and when it makes contact with the cold wall, forms water droplets. (as on your bathroom mirror). Drying clothes on a radiator etc in a room adds to this problem.  
    Toxic black mould on walls  ceiling, musty smell. Ugly, toxic black mould thrives on walls and ceilings that are wet or damp, usually are a direct result of condensation issues. 
    Two coats of Heat In A Can applied to the inside of your external walls or ceilings will make a noticeable difference in the comfort level of the room in which it is applied.
    Comes in white matt, is applied just like any matt emulsion with roller or brush.
    A 5 litre can or should suffice for a small bedroom.
    If you've got mould on the walls etc already, you need to kill that before applying this paint.
    Simple way to do that is make up a mix of household bleach and water 50:50 and apply to the problem areas. Leave for about 10 minutes and then wash off with clean water and sponge etc. Allow to dry fully.
    Try a can or two of Heat In A Can on your next interior painting project - you will not regret it.
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    The first impression lasts according to the old saying. The same applies to your home or property. Little things that are easily and cheaply fixable can often become big and costly issues if neglected and left uncared for.

    Most problems you see in this section can occur due to various circumstances but one common factor applicable to most if not all of them is preparation related. If the preparation is taken care of in the right way using the correct products you will eliminate or prevent those problems on your property. Products mentioned in this section are used ongoing by most of the Country’s top professional contractors as well as many State agencies and are available at all the main paint outlets Nation-wide.

    15 Ways IGOE Heat in Can Insulating Paint Can Benefit You

    15 Ways IGOE Heat in Can Insulating Paint Can Benefit You

    • (1) The insulating properties within the Igoe insulating paint Paint forms a thermal barrier reflecting heat back into your room / building, considerably reducing heat loss.
    • (2) It helps increase room temperature, even as much as 3 degrees with the same heating settings.
    • (3) Keeps the room warmer for longer when heating is switched off.
    • (4) You can switch your heating off up to one full hour earlier without any loss of comfort. (that’s how it cuts heating bills & saves energy)
    • (5) IGOE Insulating Paint also allows the walls to breath. The incredible combination of the breathability of the paint along with the heat reflecting properties also helps to dramatically reduce condensation problems, if not eliminate them completely.
    • (6) Because it reduces, and in most cases eliminates condensation (appears as damp areas on the wall) it prevents ugly & toxic mould growth.
    • (7) Superb on ceilings & walls of older flat roof extensions, converted garage etc.
    • (8) Makes a huge difference to room temperature and comfort level in any older home, from detached cottages, period houses, farm houses, mass concrete apartments to terraced or semi detached council houses. Note: It improves any home’s energy rating, new / old.
    Deep Penetrating and Colourless… Owl DUCKY

    Deep Penetrating and Colourless… Owl DUCKY

    Owl DUCKY (previously known as Diasen BKK) stops water ingress which causes efflorescence on bricks. This happens because rain water soaks into the bricks and when it evaporates later as moisture it pulls out various salts which leave unsightly blotches.

    Brush off remaining efflorescence as best you can, some may remain but that will go eventually. Apply two coats of DUCKY to prevent further water ingress WATERPROOFS NATURAL LOOKING STONE Picture on right (Photo B) shows a lovely stone wall that has ugly rust streaks running down, caused by rusting of iron oxide particles in the stone itself.

    If you apply DUCKY on to the stone before such problems develop from wind driven rain etc, you will prevent it happening in the first place. Where mortar is used, it waterproofs that also.

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